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arthus Yet another web framework.

command-router A simple CLI router for apps with sub-commands (like git)

drugged extendable HTTP router with domain integration

event-log An append only event log with streaming support

fdongles-middleware-matches A ForkingDongles middleware for message matching using the 'routes' module

froyo A simple, micro-framework for Node.js.

fskv A filesystem based key-value store in Node.JS via HTTP

hash-router A frontend router for the hash change event

html5-router A uri router backed by html5 history api

imhacker ImHacker is a real-time access log analyzer.

ipizza Node.js implementation for Estonian(and some other) banklink payments.

law-connect Connect middleware for Law.

lib-route-matcher route matching

machinedb A machine database that stores information as flat JSON files

mors Express inspired "Client-Server" framework using mqtt protocol for node.js

music-directory Serve your music over the web with a nice UI, or as JSON

nokomis A less opinionated web framework for node

npm-www website for npm

nydus WebSocket server using the nydus protocol, a simple RPC/PubSub protocol.

nydus-client WebSocket client library for the nydus protocol, a simple RPC/PubSub protocol.

obedient Minimal http framework with the nothing but middleware.

open-api An api framework that forces versioning, simplifies data validation, and automates documentation.

plummet streaming and syncing http and json api for PlumbDB (built on LevelDB)

relay-server Server used to relay deltas

routes-http Simple but powerful HTTP request router

routes-router Simplest router possible

rum simple web framework.

sp2010-rest Express middleware that simulates the SharePoint 2010 RESTful interface.

spells-demo-app Demonstration application for no DOM

spider Programmable spidering of web sites with node.js and jQuery

spidertest A test framework for verifying links and HTTP requests and their responses with automated test generation.

stats-page Create a /stats page http-server for a server application

stream-router Easy router for routing streams

thinair PITA-less Web Development Framework built with Node.js

turnpike A lightweight HMVC framework with flexible opinions.

unpm-router router for unpm, simple wrapper around routes that adds suport for querystrings and methods

voxer-blog-demo A demo blog written live at Voxer HQ so it probably isn't great.

webamp Ampache web interface

zag graph metrics

zag-daemon aggregate metrics data

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