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terms2js This a basic and lightweight JavaScript and JSON version of Metadata Reference Data & Classification Schemes. Stores the vocabularies as JSON objects, accesible as node modules or by browser javascript interpreter. Generated vocabulariy files have no dependencies. The package is completely generic and may be used to generate your own hierarchical reference vocabularies such as the ones expressed with the TV-Anytime XML Schema.

tilemill A modern map design studio.

tmx A simple-to-use, simple-to-understand, streams-based TMX parser.

tmx-parser parse and load tiled maps

trumpet parse and transform streaming html using css selectors

videohub BlackMagic Videohub to NodeJS interface

xamel Fast and cozy way to extract data from XML.

xml-digester convert XML to JSON

xml-mapping provide a bidirectionnal mapping between XML and JS data Structure (aka JSON)

xml-object-stream-sax Wrapper for sax.js that extracts objects that match an xpath-ish expression from an xml stream.

xml-splitter Provide an easy way to split or extract some nodes of very big XML files

xml2js Simple XML to JavaScript object converter.

xml2json-stream Converts XML to JSON, using Streams and sax. This can be used with above-memory-limits XML files, as long as they're mostly composed of a repetitive tag.

xml2object Simple XML to JavaScript Object Converter

xmldoc A lightweight XML Document class for JavaScript.

xmlreader node library to read xml the easy way

xmlrpc A pure JavaScript XML-RPC client and server.

xpi Library for unpacking Firefox addons and extract their script contents.

xsd xsd tools for node

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