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append-only Append only scuttlebutt structure

authoritee Authoritative models for scuttlebutt meshes

bjhvjkhkvjgljbvhl replicate localstorage through scuttlebutt.

crdt Commutative Replicated Data Types for easy distributed/collaborative apps

delta-stream Emit deltas in change over a stream

expiry-model A scuttlebutt model that expires keys

gossip-object replicate an object with scuttlebutt

grow ERROR: No file found!

live-data Live data types built on scuttlebutt

localstorage-scuttlebutt replicate localStorage with scuttlebutt

netmorphic ERROR: No file found!

netmorphic-ebay-template ERROR: No file found!

nodeconf2013 All the packages you'll need for NodeConf!

r-array Replicated Array

r-value scuttlebutt a single value

rtc-mesh A synchronized, distributed P2P mesh data structure using WebRTC data channels

rumours general purpose scuttlebutt/leveldb server.

scurry A leveldb-backed consistent hash ring, for your toy caching needs.

scuttlebucket Nested scuttlebutts

scuttler Automatic network communication

sesame-stream the instant noodle of stream types

stream-db A database based around streams (Using Scuttlebutt)

switches A distributed system for on/off switches

voter Distributed voting based on Scuttlebutt

wikiwiki realtime distributed wiki.

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