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airport role-based port management for upnode

bonvoyage Seaport service discovery and registering via mDNS/Bonjour/zeroconf

docparse DocParse is a integrated solution to process data from supplier bills. Data is scraper from supplier websites and matched against user supplied uploads of scanned paid bills. From here the system outputs the data to a specially formatted website which is delivered to the client

docparse-api api server for the docparse project

docparse-parse-scraped-worker Parse data fetched by docparse scrapers

docparse-router router for the docparse project

docparse-scraped-parser Server for parsing documents scraped from supplier websites

docparse-scraper-server Serve scraper api requests

docparse-scraper-status-socket Setups up an http express app for an single scraper. This app allows external services to get the status of the scraper and start new scrapes

docparse-static static file server for the docparse website

flotilla Continuous deployment with a HTTP host router, based on Bouncy/Fleet/Seaport by @substack

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

hutch keep track of all your sites with seaport and http-proxy

id-server Object Oriented abstraction around seaport and any net/http.Server

jishaku-torrent-storage Torrent storage component of Jishaku Toshokan

kapp Kondoot Application Wrapper - the baseline wrapper for building distributed, centrally managed apps at Kondoot

nodeport nodeport

noted-api Part of [noted-app](

noted-app A note taking app. Buit with node.js. Work in progress.

noted-router Part of [noted-app](

parse-server Server boilerplate for supplier specific parsing both scraped and raw

pdfer-api api server for the pdfer service

pdfer-job-collector Collect results of pdfer worker jobs

pdfer-job-pusher Push new pdf extract jobs out to workers

pdfer-jobs Job processing for the pdfer service

pdfer-router bounce api and web requests to the appropriate server for the pdfer service

pdfer-seaport-server Create a seaport server to so that all the various pdfer services can register in central registry

pdfer-static Static file server for the pdfer service

pier replicate a seaport service registry for fast local in-memory access or redundancy

sea-free Free service from a seaport server by id on the command line

seaport-mdns Seaport mdns

seaport-proxy Seaport in the browser!

seaport-stream Create streams over seaport

sensu-tweet-broadcaster Sensu plugin for monitor tracking keywords — Edit

service-router router to bounce requests to either api or web servers

sheep HTTP Proxy server that uses Seaport as routing table

zygote cellular differentiation for seaport clusters

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