Packages depending on semver

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github-versions Get all semantic versions of a github repository

gitproximus github proxy with semantic versioning and content types

glitter koa middleware to serve a folder like github

gonzo The surprisingly simple way to write CouchApps

google-cdn Replaces references to resources on the Google CDN

google-cdn-shahata Replaces references to resources on the Google CDN

grainstore Stores map styles and generates postgis friendly MML & XML for Mapnik

grave Version tracking for couchdb views with cradle

grr Lightweight team updates.

grunt-bower-verify > Install and test all your dependencies versions.

grunt-bump Bump package version

grunt-bump-build-git Bump the version, build the project and add, commit and tag in git in one step.

grunt-bump2 Bump package version

grunt-bumper Bump package version, run tasks, git tag, commit & push.

grunt-bumpup Update the version, date, and other properties in JSON files while preserving the original indentation style.

grunt-bumpx Extended bump version number

grunt-check-dependencies Checks if currently installed npm dependencies are installed in the exact same versions that are specified in package.json.

grunt-checkrepo Check the state of repository.

grunt-croc-qunit Run QUnit unit tests in a headless PhantomJS instance with code coverage support. Despite grunt-contrib-qunit it has no direct dependency on phantomjs module

grunt-dust-require Grunt.js plugin to compile dustjs templates.

grunt-este-watch Run predefined tasks whenever watched file changes. LiveReload included.

grunt-funky-bump Bump a package version.

grunt-funky-cleanv Clean versioned files.

grunt-funky-tag Commit and tag.

grunt-git-bump Increment package version

grunt-init Generate project scaffolding from a template.

grunt-jasmine-coverage Grunt task for running Jasmine specs and generate test coverage

grunt-jasmine-runner Grunt task for running Jasmine specs

grunt-jquery-json Grunt plugin that builds and validates a jquery.json package manifest.

grunt-junit A small alteration to grunt's default phantom.js and qunit.js files to generate JUnit xml for qunit test results

grunt-lego-upload grunt plugin for `lego upload`

grunt-lib-phantomjs Grunt and PhantomJS, sitting in a tree.

grunt-lib-phantomjs-istanbul Grunt and PhantomJS, sitting in a tree for istanbul based code coverage.

grunt-lodashbuilder Build your Lo-Dash experience with grunt

grunt-maven-tasks Grunt plugin to deploy a file to a maven repository

grunt-node-version A grunt task to ensure you are using the node version required by your project's package.json

grunt-notify Automatic desktop notifications for Grunt errors and warnings using Growl for OS X or Windows, Mountain Lion and Mavericks Notification Center, and Notify-Send.

grunt-nsp-package Grunt plugin for Node Security Project package.json validation

grunt-premailer Grunt wrapper task for premailer

grunt-prompts Built-in prompts for a grunt style generator.

grunt-push-release Bump package version

grunt-release Release a new version of your Node-based project

grunt-release-bbloom Release a new version of your Node-based project

grunt-release-component A release helper for bower components

grunt-release-steps Release a new version of your Node-based project

grunt-releaser Release a new version of your Node-based project

grunt-ristretto Frontend development with Latte.

grunt-semver Semantic versioning for grunt

grunt-semvercopy Identifies and copies the contents of a folder named with Semantic Versioning

grunt-simple-bump Super simple version bump

grunt-source Reuse multiple Grunt environments across multiple projects

grunt-svn-bump Bump the version property of a JSON file.

grunt-tagrelease This plugin is being deprecated in favor of grunt-release, and will be eventually unpublished. Please migrate.

grunt-version Grunt task to handle versioning of a project.

grunt-versioner Grunt plugin for versioning, building, tagging your Git project and publishing to NPM.

grunt-vtex-deploy VTEX deploy for front end projects

grunt-vtex-release Release a new version of your Node-based project

grunt-wikidi-release Release new version of Wikidi projects

gulp The streaming build system

gulp-bump Bump npm versions with Gulp (

haibu A node.js application server - spawn your own node.js clouds, on your own hardware

haibu-carapace Haibu Drone's Little Shell

haibu-carapace-other Haibu Drone's Little Shell

haibu-ishiki Node deployment server - wrapper for haibu, http-proxy and carapace with permissions and automatic node versions

haibu-other A node.js application server - spawn your own node.js clouds, on your own hardware

haibu-repo A node.js application server - spawn your own node.js clouds, on your own hardware

hapi HTTP Server framework

hapi-advisories Hapi plugin to deal with advisiories on

Haraka An SMTP Server project.

herunt A Grunt multitask plugin for deploying Node.JS apps to Heroku

hoodie-cli Hoodie command-line interface.

hoodie-server __DONT USE ME DIRECTLY__ <img src=""></img> <img src=""></img>

http-get Simple to use node.js HTTP / HTTPS client for downloading remote files. Supports transparent gzip / deflate decoding.

hyperloop hyperloop compiler

ibump bump version, create tag and publish to npm

iced-spawn Platform-independent spawning that works on Window and supports stream

ide-init Generate ide template.

imt Integromat SDK

incubator A package-based parallel build system

infocollector Information Collector

init-package-json A node module to get your node module started

ink Automated versioning

iris_kanso The surprisingly simple way to write CouchApps

itv-services itv-services ============

jade-amd Helpers for working with Jade templates in an AMD setting

jamjs For **front-end** developers who crave maintainable assets, **Jam** is a **package manager** for JavaScript. Unlike other repositories, we put the **browser** first.

jitsu Flawless command line deployment of Node.js apps to the cloud

jpm Jetpack Mechanic utilities for creating, testing, running and packaging Mozilla Jetpack Addons

jsbin Collaborative JavaScript Debugging App

jsdelivr-cdn-data jsDelivr CDN Data for google-cdn

jspm jspm CLI ===

kanso The surprisingly simple way to write CouchApps

katana Easy to use, modular web framework for any Node.js samurai.

kevoree-web-editor Kevoree Web Editor - Static Web Client

kevoree-web-editor-server ## Get started

keybase node-client ===========

keybase-installer Trusted installer/updater for keybase

keystone Web Application Framework and Admin GUI / Content Management System built on Express.js and Mongoose

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