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apple-mail-archiver Apple Mail Archive Utility

ase gossip-like protocol to maintain a distributed network of peers

author a simple token and signature creator for OAuth

connect-pgp Connect middleware to cryptographically sign HTTP responses.

content-addressable a content-addressable store interface

dcompose Asset composer

gmudoc Jsdoc for gmu project

hash-dir-contents A simple function for computing the hash of the contents of an entire directory

hdc NPM module implementing HDC Messages Format

histo-revisions peer-to-peer synchronizable database written in javascript

ice-framework A utility framework which provides helpful functionality, primarily for the P Framework.

jaspi Node.js library for creating web-applications

laut Upgrade plugins/themes from Liferay Portal 6.1 to 6.2

merkle Javascript implementation of merkle trees

mongorilla Mongorilla is a simple, clean, and powerful NodeJS based content moderator for MongoDB.

node-os ## Описание

node-weixin nodejs weixin api

nra Node-Rest-Auth authenticates rest type http api requests using a username, nonce salt and a hash.

ozserver API for OZ

p-framework A socket based, real time web framework.

rcss CSS as JavaScript objects, imported with `require()`.

remotestorage-server The remoteStorage core from

shellyjs Synchonous and Asynchronous API server over HTTP, WebSockets, and TCP

sim Sim - Node.js-фреймворк, предназначенный для быстрой разработки веб-сайтов.

simple-ci Simple CI Server for Node.js

stampede Stampede web development framework

ttlogn timetracker helper tool

ucoin Crypto-currency software using Node.js

vnhr virtual node hash ring

vucoin Node.js module to access ucoin server through its HTTP API

wechat-payment 微信支付Node.js基础库

weixin-api 微信公众平台API

weixin-apis Weixin API For Nodejs

znetstar-artemis Basic web scraping library. Includes support for HTML parsing, JSDOM (virtual dom) and PhantomJS (headless webkit)

znetstar-zeus A rudimentary framework for loading common, essential node.js applications

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