Packages depending on shelljs

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acidity Test your open source project for friendliness.

adn-api Browser-based wrapper for the API.

ang-tangle tangles source files into an angular application

angelscripts-generate angel script for generation of projects using directory or repository as template

angular-ui-publisher Helper component for building and publishing your angular modules as bower components

appmaker helper script for creating production build of web application (compile less to css, etc)

approvals Approval Tests Library - Capturing Human Intelligence

assemblejs A fairly light AMD-style boilerplate for rapid development, using RequireJS, SASS, Backbone, and Handlebars

assembot Simple asset assembly bot for compiling/combining client-side js and css files.

assetspack clever assets packagement

ateam Appcelerator Team Workflow Tools

b64_share cli file upload that produces data urls

bacn Command-line tools for cooking a stack of Bacn.

baya Create the directory structure

bilder-reporter report deployments via slack, hipchat & gmail

binify Compile and distribute your node apps as a single binary

bitlash-commander Web control panel builder for Arduino

bloader file loader and serial terminal for arduino

bloomapi Datastore and API for for NPIs (US Healthcare National Provider Identifier)

botio Github build/test bot

brew-php-select Homebrew and the [homebrew-php tap]( make it easy enough to install multiple versions of PHP, but they don't make it all that convenient to switch between them. Specifically, the instructions recommend altering your shell's path and your apache config every time you switch versions. This script automates that process and reboots apache for you (if it's running).

browsers A simple, easy-to-use browser guardian.

bud minimalistic task manager

buildorch A Simple CLI based utility to Build, Beat and Bundle (b3), a NodeJs Application.

bumper2 Updates package and bower version numbers

cca Run Chrome Apps on mobile using Apache Cordova

cdn Upload your files to alipay cdn.

chg simple changelog/release history manager

cirru-shell Cirru's Shell for fun

cleverstack-cli Command line interface for CleverTech's CleverStack

clogs show git logs for multiple branches in columns in your browser

clojure-script seamless integration between NodeJS and ClojureScript

closure-runner Closure Runner is a lightweight task runner that by default provides tasks for working with Google Closure Tools, mainly the Closure Compiler.

cm common Node modules/utils that I use

combinator Find multiple concurrent <script> or <link> tags and turn 'em into single, combo-handled tags

componentizr mirror a repo, make a component, publish it

connect-phonegap Connect middleware to serve a PhoneGap app.

connection-tester test if the connection can be established with the given host and port

contrib a CLI for standarizing the contribution process across projects

contribflow Contribflow is a suite of high-level repository operations for making open source contributions easier. It's based on the git-flow branching model with modifications for the open souce workflow.

cordova Cordova command line interface tool

cordova-testabit Cordova testabit command line interface tool

cowboy A pluggable parallel execution framework written in Node.js

crosswalk-apk-generator Generator for Crosswalk Android apk packages

crox Crox is a high performance cross-language template engine, written by the JavaScript.

deployd the simplest way to build realtime APIs for web and mobile apps

dns-sync dns-sync

doll Simple package to get users up and running with express for their HTML projects. More things will be added, but this is a good starting point for a simple project.

dot-file-manager dotfile manager in node.js

dpd-importer import mongo collections into your deployd app

dpdc client lib for deployd server

dustlayer command line suite for new and experienced retro programmers. Check homepage for details.

ekam Package builder with includes

embersmith Static HTML and JSON generator for Ember.js projects.

enyo-core It's moved to [](

epsom Express skeleton with coffee-script. Configured using mongoose, zurb foundation, emberjs, jquery. rawjs

eris Eris is a framework-agnostic JavaScript toolkit for building real-world applications.

fedtools Set of tools for FEDs

fedtools-commands Execute shell commands within nodejs

fedtools-utilities Set of utilites for fedtools within nodejs

fis-packager-autopack A packager plugin for fis to auto-pack resources.

flatsite Static site generator for Web Designers

forcedroid Utilities for creating mobile apps based on the Salesforce Mobile SDK for Android

foundry-release-bower bower release library for foundry

foundry-release-component component release library for foundry

foundry-release-git git release library for foundry

foundry-release-npm npm release library for foundry

foundry-release-pypi pypi release library for foundry

fuchur Fuchur analyzes the status of git repositories with ease.

gaia-dev-zip Packages a gaia app as a zip, renamed to a dev branch name.

gaucho gaucho

gee-shell Enhanced, promisified ShellJS

generator-atlassian-connect An Atlassian Connect generator for Yeoman

generator-devpress A Yeoman generator for Wordpress including automatic database setup, the download and install of advanced custom fields, install option for third party themes and grunt script for minimising CSS/JS and compressing images.

generator-drupalbase A Yeoman generator for Drupal

generator-famous Create new projects

generator-jekyll-rk Jekyll generator for Yeoman.

generator-jekyllized Use Jekyll with Gulp, Yeoman, Bower, Bourbon and so much more!

generator-jekyllrb Supercharge Jekyll development with Yeoman. Yo, Jekyllrb!

generator-jhipster Java + Spring + JPA + AngularJS complete dev stack

generator-jhipster-ember Java + Spring + JPA + EmberJS complete dev stack

generator-martinlab-static Yeoman generator for static web projects

generator-ng-scaffold A yeoman generator for an AngularJS application scaffold.

generator-playbook A Yeoman generator for a Jekyll site utilizing thoughtbot's Bourbon toolset.

generator-recroom Takeaway web apps.

generator-shower Yeoman generator

generator-sinatra Yeoman generator for sinatra

generator-slim A Yo Generator which sets up a new, on the Slim Framework based, project.

gertie A compiler for Node Webkit

git-add Interactive Git add

git-branch Get the current branch for a local git repository.

git-release Release a new version of your Git project

git-ssh Helper to manage SSH key for git.

git-user-email Get the git email address of the current user.

git-user-name Get the name of the current user from git config, at the project or global scope, depending on what git uses in the current context.

github-clone clone github repositories to the local box.

grunt-android-emulator Create, Start, Unlock, Stop Android emulators, Install APK, Start Activities

grunt-build-control Automate version control tasks for your project's built code. Keep built code in sync with source code, maintain multiple branches of built code, commit with automatic messages, and push to remote repositories.

grunt-bump-build-git Bump the version, build the project and add, commit and tag in git in one step.

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