Packages depending on shelljs

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grunt-devtools Grunt integration with Chrome Dev Tools

grunt-eiffel Eiffel Grunt plugin

grunt-fhc Deploy your FeedHenry apps from Grunt.

grunt-funky-tag Commit and tag.

grunt-github-tags Set tags for a repo on Github.

grunt-haste-compiler Grunt plugin for the Haste Compiler, turns Haskell into JavaScript

grunt-horde Packageable grunt configuration modules

grunt-i18n-abide Grunt plugin for running jsxgettext against your codebase.

grunt-iis IIS Environment Installer for grunt

grunt-image-diff Grunt implementation of Perceptual Image Diff

grunt-ivantage-svn-changelog Incrementally build out your changelog whenever you tag a version for release

grunt-ivantage-svn-release Pulls it all together, bump, changelogs, tag, ...

grunt-jafar-task Jafar's grunt tasks

grunt-lodash-autobuild Minimal lodash build from analyzing source files

grunt-migrations Migrate your databases simply using Grunt

grunt-mysql-dump Dump MYSQL databases using Grunt

grunt-mysql-dump-import Dump and import MYSQL databases using Grunt

grunt-pax-task pax grunt task

grunt-plovr Grunt plugin wrapper for google closure tool plovr

grunt-plovr-extended Grunt plugin wrapper for google closure tool plovr - includes all Features without the need of an external config File for Plovr

grunt-protractor-simple A simple grunt plugin for registering Protractor tasks. No support for flags at the moment.

grunt-query-assistant Grunt plugin to launch the query assistant

grunt-release Release a new version of your Node-based project

grunt-release-bbloom Release a new version of your Node-based project

grunt-release-steps Release a new version of your Node-based project

grunt-releaser Release a new version of your Node-based project

grunt-svn-bump Bump the version property of a JSON file.

grunt-svn-tag Automate tagging svn working copies.

grunt-tagrelease This plugin is being deprecated in favor of grunt-release, and will be eventually unpublished. Please migrate.

grunt-template-compile compile adsage template

grunt-versioner Grunt plugin for versioning, building, tagging your Git project and publishing to NPM.

grunt-vtex-release Release a new version of your Node-based project

grunt-webworks-developer For BlackBerry WebWorks developers, a plugin to support packaging and deploying WebWorks apps for BlackBerry, BlackBerry OS 10 and Tablet OS devices.

grunt-wikidi-release Release new version of Wikidi projects

grunt-wordpress-deploy Deploy Wordpress without pain using Grunt.

gulp-reload A plugin for Gulp

gulp-ts TypeScript compiler Gulp plugin

heisenberg Set up heisenberg projects from the command line

hoodie-cli Hoodie command-line interface.

hook-line-sinker Git webhook auto-deploy server

html-inspector HTML Inspector is a code quality tool to help you and your team write better markup. It's written in JavaScript and runs in the browser, so testing your HTML has never been easier.

http-sync-win Use shelljs and execSync to get full windows compatability for http-sync

i3-style Make your i3wm config a little more stylish

iffront 前端自动化工具

img2cdn 支付宝 image 服务器下线计划的文件替换工具

img2style img2style =========

indev minimalistic task manager

ionic A tool for creating and building Ionic Framework mobile apps.

jaawegx Mobile Chrome Apps command line tool

jake-utils Functions for making jake a little nicer

jbuild a build tool in/for JavaScript

jear jsonify for velocity

jir Hippo assistance on the command line

joycss wise css sprite tool by node and gd

jscpd Copy/paste detector for programming code, support JavaScript, CoffeeScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Less languages

jshint Static analysis tool for JavaScript

katon Automatically start your Node based projects and serve them locally on .dev domains

kd Koding KD CLI

kickstrap Framework for advanced Bootstrap web development

kiko a widget manage

knighkit knighkit 是自动化,模块开发,并支持自动打包,支持远程调试的前端开发框架。 目的是减少前端开发过程中的重复工作,使你更关注程序本身。

lesscompile compilation of project's less

lfa learnforward-author is a build tool for generating HTML5 textbooks

lint-deps Command-line tool to check for dependencies that are not listed in package.json, and optionally add them. Also tells you when packages that aren't used anywhere are listed in package.json.

liv A CLI tool for save and manage your global npm modules

livelykernel-scripts Scripts and minimal server for running, testing and maintaining LivelyKernel

lungo Lungo Command Line Tool

mailin Artisanal inbound emails for every web app

mainframe CLI used for building and managing a ubuntu/debian based web/application server

mandrillctl Commandline interface for managing the Mandrill web service. Note: This has _nothing_ to do with MailChimp - different Mandrill.

mau generate sprites automatically

mdbp markup driven build process

meteor-af Deploy your meteor application to

meteor-shower a configuration manager and deployment system for Meteor

mongod-run Runs mongod. Useful when testing APIs.

morrent Command-line search and stream movie torrents.

multicouch Launch multiple CouchDBs from the same installation.

multishot Creates screenshots for pages

mweave This is an experiment in using Markdown and some concepts from literate programming.

ngmshell provide common shell for ucgc

node-ansible Programmatic interface in Node.js for executing Ansible ad-hoc commands and playbooks

node-boil My node module generator

node-qt Qt bindings for Node.js

nodeclipse nodeclipse CLI - prepare Node.js project to be imported into Eclipse (Nodeclipse); Installer - eclipse plugin CLI installer

noksha a simple dependency manager

npm-bin Easily call local NPM binaries

npm-gitdeps Pulls dependencies from git repositories even if they don't support NPM

oddweb Static site generator in JavaScript

one-command A collection of web app development tools which help you focus on program and no need to worry about other things.

open-thumbnailer An open source thumbnailer framework

opencl-device-query opencl device query for dummies - sparklines for terminal yay!

openxcom-namegen Namelist generator for OpenXcom

orangeejs Install ==== install virtual pc 4.2 (lg does not support 4.3)

organic-cells organic-cells ===============

organic-imgsizer ERROR: No file found!

originate generates project scaffolds with loom

originate-ember loom origin for new ember projects

originate-ember-addon loom origin for creating ember addons

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