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armada node-armada ===========

awsm node-awsm =========

backsync A minimalistic library for integrating Backbone models with different data stores. Mongodb and Memory already included.

bindable bindable.js =========== BLOGS + MARKDOWN

brasslet Built originally for [node-ectwo](

brokr Websocket RPC+PUB/SUB library

browsertap apuppet =======

closest-ec2-region node-whichregion ================

closest-region node-whichregion ================

dolce Collections with syntactic sugar

ectwo node-ec2 ========

entree Data Access Framework for NodeJS

eyebrowse Eyebrowse is an utility which allows you to easily launch, and control browsers from the command line. It was built to launch different browser versions for cross-browser testing.

fasten Built originally for [node-ectwo](

fiddle mongodb inspired object manipulation

fixie fixie.js ========

frakture-utility Frakture Utilities and extensions

garden-planter garden-planter ==============

grist Embedded document store upward compatible with MongoDB

grist-gnash mongodb style object mutator (derived from TingoDB)

gumbo node.js db

hotfix Push live changes to your end users

jenko Node.js based Jenkins Dashboard

maestro Maestro is a cloud management tool with a mongodb-like feel

mongodblite self-contained mongodb implementation

paperclip controller logic: ERROR: No file found!

plugin Plugin library

puny Embedded document store upward compatible with MongoDB

recuest API testing proxy

redis-list-objects store and query json objects in redis lists

s3cp Similar to rsync

starch starch ======

usable simple "reverse-connect.js" contorl flow library

verify ```javascript

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