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apiaxle-api ApiAxle's own API. Provision keys and APIs.

apiaxle-proxy The actual proxy part of ApiAxle.

apiaxle-repl ApiAxle's commandline interface.

artillerie artillerie ==========

auton Automated node development environment & resource compiler

backbone-virtual-collection Use Backbone.Marionette CollectionViews on a subset of a Backbone collection

barriertest Promises featured test framework

bilder Dev-Build-Deploy tool at 6W

bind.js Simple data binding for callbacks & HTML (also node.js compatible).

bogart Fast JSGI web framework taking inspiration from Sinatra

bogart-cors Bogart (written by Nathan Stott) now has CORS - however, the npm entry for Bogart has not been updated to reflect this. Once Nathan publishes the latest version of Bogart to npm, this package will no longer be necessary.

bogart-edge Fast JSGI web framework taking inspiration from Sinatra

browsem Browser launcher in the cloud.

browseroverflow An all-in-one library for launching BrowserStack browsers.

buster Buster.JS JavaScript Test framework. Meta package that pieces together various sub-projects.

buster-node A minimal Buster.JS configuration for testing node modules

bustermove A super-simple drop-in replacement for Buster running in Node, using node-tap as a test runner

chai-backbone Backbone assertions for the Chai assertion library

cli_router A router for parsing command line arguments.

consoloid-framework A framework that allows classical object oriented development, with unique features like class auto-loading

cosign Bitcoin Transaction Tool

crudgoose A CRUD generator for mongoose.

devopsjs-bdd-cases behaviour testing for projects

dimap Provides an HTTP REST interface to attachments in your Gmail account.

express-test helper library for testing express apps

fast-or-slow Are your tests fast or slow? An opinionated testing framework.

feedtools A server which does various things with RSS feeds and publishes them back to the world.

fire-and-forget A daemon for collecting user actions.

generator-hyper-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS/Express/node.js apps emphasizing modularity, configuration, and testing

gi-util gi-util -------------

giza A hierarchical data storage system with bubbling publish-subscribe.

glp Abstract various configuration formats through gulp.

grunt-closure-coffee-stack Everything you need for Google Closure. Precise configuration, Soy templates, localization, TDD stack, and even CoffeeScript support. File watcher included.

grunt-este Everything you need for Google Closure. Precise configuration, Soy templates, localization, TDD stack, and even CoffeeScript support. File watcher included.

grunt-mocha-chai-sinon MochaJS + ChaiJS + SinonJS Test Runner

grunt-tdd Run browser and Node JS tests on Buster, Mocha or Jasmine and get the reports in the browser

gulp-este Gulp tasks for Este.js

hubot-url-describer Simple hubot script that grabs a url and outputs the title.

insight-bitcore-api An open-source bitcoin blockchain API. The Insight API provides you with a convenient, powerful and simple way to query and broadcast data on the bitcoin network and build your own services with it.

jasmine-sinon Jasmine BDD matchers for Sinon.JS

kaapi Highly-Opinionated, Mocha-based Spec runner

karma-chai-plugins Chai browser plugins set for Karma

karma-parse-sinon A Karma plugin for testing Parse Cloud Code.

karma-sinon-expect karma-sinon-expect ================

landuber-karma-chai-plugins Chai browser plugins set for Karma

livedocs-middleware Restify Middleware to validate input against the fields provided in IORest spec.

login-mongo Simple authentication/users back-end using MongoDB

macchiato Mocha styled tape with sinon

mhd IHE MHD profile service facade for node.js

mocha-http Mocha utilities for writing neat tests for APIs over HTTP

mocha-server Serves up your mocha tests in web-pages so you can test them in browser.

module-loader-tdd Module loader that lets you test each module with private methods and stubbed dependencies

mongoose-mock A replacement for mongoose in tests returning models with sinon stubs for methods

mongoose-social-user ERROR: No file found!

Mr.Coverage use mocha to test javascript coverage

mycha /'maɪ.kɑː/

nickie NickServ bot for IRC.

nicoscraper Scraping tool for NicoNico Douga

node-sass wrapper around libsass

openbadger-client A client for the OpenBadger API

peanut node.js cucumber implementation for the birds

picsee Node middleware for Photo Management, Image Cropping, and Uploading, ExpressJS Compatible.

plantation `plantation` is a collection of [cake]( tasks to simplify working on projects using multiple transpilers, particularly coffee-script and YAML. It has strong opinions about the tools you want to use.

poppins-mock mocks for mary-poppins

primus-sinon-chai chai assertions and sinon stubs to help test primus programs

promise-tests A test suite for CommonJS Promises/A and related spec extensions

promises-aplus-tests Compliance test suite for Promises/A+

puerh a sinonjs assertion wrapper for expect

quartermaster quartermaster is a small library to create compressed binary packages for distribution

queuemanager amazon sqs simple manager library

rexec Remote process execution and virtualization.

salinity Test library from

serenade JavaScript client side MVC framework

settee Personal data layer for couchdb

sinon-buster Sinon spies, stubs and mocks for buster-test

sinon-restore simply adds restoreAll() to sinon

smartdb CouchDB library with advanced entity and cache support

social-request node-social-request ===================

spc Copyright (C) Infinity

spotify-remote Control spotify from your browser

spyquery Fake jQuery...

steam-chat-bot Simplified interface for a steam chat bot with lots of built-in functionality

stretch-checksummer Checksum generator for stretch

stubbie Stubbie is a testing utility that makes unit testing asynchronous functions easy.

swiss-deploy-knife A tool to easy out deployment and log analysis

symfio-suite Test suite for Symfio plugins.

the-grid-compiler The compiler for The Grid

tut A package registry for programming tutorials.

unit-test Utility to run unit tests

unit.js Simple, intuitive and flexible unit testing framework for javascript / Node.js. Integrates Mocha (optional) and the great assertions libraries Must.js, Should.js, Assert of Node.js, Sinon.js and other friendly features.

unroll A helper tool to easily iterate through test data against a test method with verbose output about each iteration.

unsafe-minifier A command line minifier that morphs code to provide additional (unsafe) minification before standard minification.

voltron-mongo-adapter A mongodb data adapter plugin for VoltronModels

zmq-toolkit Some helpers for simplified use of zeromq.node.

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