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asset-rack Static Web Framework for Nodejs

asset-rack-test Asset management framework for nodejs

asset-wrap Asset management framework for nodejs

brunch-snockets Adds support for Sprockets-style requires in CoffeeScript to brunch.

demandware Demandware Open Commerce API Tools (Backbone.js Storefront)

electricity An alternative to the built-in Express middleware for serving static files. Electricity follows a number of best practices for making web pages fast.

gapify Command-line tool to compile Express apps into PhoneGap apps

grunt-barkeep grunt tasks for deploying to s3, sending data to ducksboard, and snockets.

grunt-coffee-chain grunt's task for concatenating CoffeeScript files that have 'require' directive using Snockets

grunt-snockets Snockets for grunt.js

grunt-snockets-tree A grunt plugin for calculating a snockets concatination tree

grunt-snocketsify Compiles your coffeescript and javascript dependencies tree with Snockets. No uglifying, no minifying, no ridiculous defaults. And in contrary to mincer, it just works.

jsfail JsFail is a website containing a collection of JavaScript and Json tools glued together from awesome open source projects from around the net.

lfa learnforward-author is a build tool for generating HTML5 textbooks

machete fast, beautiful markdown slideshows

mocha-server Serves up your mocha tests in web-pages so you can test them in browser.

muffin Handy helpers for Cakefiles

nodevent Redis -> Browser pubsub appliance

packjs Concatenates and minifies *.coffee and *.js files as specified via Snockets' require directive.

protocompile Compile yo files

roots roots is a toolbox for building simple, beautiful, and efficient products for the web

roots-static Roots is a tiny, fast, and flexible build system for static sites

servit The stupid development server. Serves CoffeeScript, EJS, and Stylus like a champ. Reloads browser on source-file change.

snocker Snocker =======

snockets-cli Snockets command-line tool.

wintersmith-snockets Snockets plugin for wintersmith

workit The stupid development server. Serves CoffeeScript, Jade, and Stylus like a champ. Reloads browser on source-file change. CORS enabled.

yaac Yet another asset compiler

zapp http server with live reloading, templates, markdown, and scss

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