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hkavr Harmann & Kardon Audio/Video Receiver (AVR) RS232 interface <img src=""></img> <img src=""></img>

hopjs A RESTful declarative API framework, with stub generators for Shell, and Android

hornet Realtime engine for easy and secured pub/sub in web applications. Backed by and redis

hoster A simple modular host controller

hot-reload-browser-refresh Plugin for the hot-reload module to enable browser refresh via web sockets

hotcode File monitor script for local development.

house A home for your website, apps & data.

htf-viewer a pretty viewer and file watcher for HTF tests from cabal projects

html-scrabble Multi user Scrabble game

httpbug DUMMY ===

hubiquitus-node hServer implementation of the Hubiquitus Framework

hubot-simplechat A Simplechat adapter for hubot A Socket.IO adapter for hubot server for hubot.

huemulator Emulator for Philips Hue API

hunt High level nodejs framework build on top of expressjs, mongoose, sequilize, socketio and passportjs

hydra Double-headed HTTP: allow both clients and servers to issue HTTP requests

hype Expressjs based cluster-load-balanced app with, redis, mongoskin.

icarus Node Environment Deployment Manager

ice-framework A utility framework which provides helpful functionality, primarily for the P Framework.

idb-remote Remoting interface for indexeddb Catch ideas. As they come and let them grow with your team in real time

iitest iiTest Package (Only for test)

imdone A task board and wiki in one!

imhacker ImHacker is a real-time access log analyzer.

imperfect-rest-comparison Tools to compare the speed of running REST over HTTP as usual versus over a WebSocket.

impress-server Enables remote presentations with impress.js

includejs IncludeJS DEV Tool

incubators /人◕‿‿◕人\「僕と契約して、魔法少女になってよ!」

infantry Node.js application monitoring for an army of nodes

informant Informer, you know say daddy snow... ahem A status middleware for your express server

infrastructure npm install infrastructure A professional frontend toolkit.

injetador Reloads browser on changes and also injects stuff

insframe Central hub for distributing web apps to multiple browsers on multiple environments

insight-bitcore-api An open-source bitcoin blockchain API. The Insight API provides you with a convenient, powerful and simple way to query and broadcast data on the bitcoin network and build your own services with it.

instabuild Autoreloads HTML files and their dependencies when they're changed

instant-markdown-d Instantly-updating Markdown Server

invisible DRY models for client and server

ionize Full integration of into Express using only exposed Express API. Allows Express style routing and also pushes requests through the Express middleware stack.

ipedal A pedal for iPad.

irish Game engine and toolset

ishout.js Add real-time push notifications to your existing web application

jasmine-runner Jasmine BDD utility tool and commandline runner

jaspi Node.js library for creating web-applications

jastyco Watch and compile jade, stylus, coffee-script files

jaudu Jaudu middleware for express.js - Jaudu is cipher based, websocket powered, CSRF protection with additional security features

jencs clearsilver render engine, with a debugger

jog-watcher Live web feed of your logs from Jog The open-source data visualization framework's Framework Engine's logger node

js-debuggy Remote interactive javascript debug console based on node.js and

js-vnc js-vnc-demo-project ===================

js.js Jumbosocket (js.js) is a small server for big ideas, offering a small template starter project, inspired by fu.js and utilizing

jsonrpc-ws A json rpc library over web sockets.

juggernaut Realtime PubSub server push.

juggernaut-deepak Realtime PubSub server push.

juggernaut-kafka Realtime PubSub server push. (Kafka version)

juggernaut-yoomee Realtime PubSub server push.

jumper-cables Multi-client management middleware for Jumper.

kabam-kernel KabamKernel for building express.js applications with plugins

kanban-vision Integrated kanban boards.

karma Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript.

karma-ember-imt Fork of the karma test runner with an ember.js preprocessor

kattegat Kattegat middleware for Express 3.x

kaya_juggernaut Realtime PubSub server push. Modification of maccman's Juggernaut.

keen js livecoding

kennel Client+Server MVC-framework written in JavaScript

khat khat ====

kit ERROR: No file found!

kit-iot Kit Desenvolvimento IoT - Telefonica Vivo

kiwiirc A hand-crafted webirc server

knockout.sync.js Knockout.js plugin to keep models in sync with devices and backends.

kokoi Configurable markup file watcher, previewer and converter.

kostal-ui Extract Data from your Kostal Piko

kpax Ultralight and fastest RESTful

kranium Bigger brains for Titanium Mobile

kyoshi Kyoshi is an abstraction on that allows Javascript in the browser to access files written for Node.js.

l8 l8 is an experimental pthread/erlang inspired task manager for javascript. Simple tasks becomes 'paroles', complex tasks become functions broken in 'steps'. l8 comes with synchronisation and distribution tools including semaphores, mutexes, message queues, generators, actors and proxied actors, among others.

landmark Deploying all the parts of your application to the right places in your server fleet has never been easier.

largemouth A realtime communication framework

lessio Auto-compiles less stylesheets and auto-reloads them in the browser.

libereco Liberate your photos from the hosting platforms lockin.

lifee A dynamic web server. Never hit refresh again

lifx.js Control your LIFX environment from nodejs

lincell lincell is an editor based on Node.js, you can build a workspace with 'lincell'. Linda implementation on Socket.IO

lirc A better IRC client for node

litb-packager litb packager tools

littlehelper Improve yout JS development workflow

live Everything in this folder should be generic.

live-file Pipe a log file to a browser over websockets. Also provide infinite upward scroll.

live-notify Adds live notifications to web sites

live-twitter-map Show tweets from the Twitter streaming API live on a map

livedev while developing your webapp the browser refreshes automatically

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