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apis Library for creation web and websocket restful APIs

atomize-client Client library for AtomizeJS: JavaScript DSTM

atomize-server Node server library for AtomizeJS: JavaScript DSTM

broadcast-hub WebSockets backed by Redis pubsub.

buttress Buttress is a supportive rapid prototyping library for NodeJS that provides both server and client helpers.

chartaca-events Simple real-time event tracker

coalesce Awesome web platform for distributed projects.

coffeebreak Test runner for Mocha

cortado cortado =======

ddp-analyzer Very Simple DDP Proxy which logs DDP messages

digger-sockets SockJS connector for digger requests

diversion A simple proxy for API versioning

doushio Real-time imageboard

dress-shoe A simple extension of sockjs to allow for namespaced channels of communication over websockets

dsprsn-websockets websocket adapters for dsprsn

eureca Nodejs remote procedure call built on top of sockjs Nodejs remote procedure call built on top of

front-env Environment for the front-end development. Part of the node-front project.

fw.mpa _a multi-page web-app and website framework_

gradio An unofficial grooveshark library

grunt-ristretto Frontend development with Latte.

hivemind Awesome web platform for distributed projects.

horten Experimental shared-state communication framework. Speaks Javascript, MySQL, OSC and WebSocket.

hubiquitus-gateway Hubiquitus gateway

ism Turn-based multiplayer nation building strategy game

jandal-log Get a realtime log of messages passed through Jandal

lancaster Reactive data API service

meteor Meteor is an ultra-simple environment for building modern web applications.

midsockets middleware and routing for sockjs

ngn-dev Includes the following:

nv Front-end development environment

odin-ws WebSocket benchmark utility

ozserver API for OZ

pnode peer-to-peer dnode over anything! Version 0.2.4

push-it Pub/Sub for the browser

pushy Publish-Subscribe system for realtime webapps

q-server Binary Package Manager Server

rainbowdriver-server Component of the rainbowdriver suite.

realtimejs Real time framework that allow client to call functions on server and receive callbacks based on sockjs

recency-tracker A server that tracks the recency of resources and notifies subscribers of updates

reload Node.js module to refresh and reload your code in your browser when your code changes. No browser plugins required.

roomsjs JavaScript Node.JS module for creating rooms and streaming data between front-end and back-end

rpcio let's you do remote procedure calls between the browser and node.js

rtt-sockjs SockJS Realtime Transport (RTT)

samsaara A comprehensive module to create, maintain and manage active socket connections.

scripted A fast and lightweight browser based code editor

seneca-admin Administration plugin for Seneca deployments

shiny-server Application server for the Shiny web framework for R

shoe streaming sockjs for node and the browser

signalmaster-sockjs simple sockjs server for webrtc signaling

skates streamline creating WebSocket apps

sock-channels Small wrapper around sockjs that handels objects and arrays and adds multiplexing

socket-redis Redis to SockJS relay

sockjs-eventbus SockJS EventBus. Events over SockJS protocol. Based on EventEmitter2 (so we have events with namespaces and wildcards). Client served similary to - via nodejs server which is used for SockJS server. This is a prototype.

sockjsio Sockjsio is an extention on the great, great sockjs-node server. Providing multiroom functionality.

ss-sockjs SockJS websocket transport for SocketStream 0.3

sumeru A Realtime Javascript RIA Framework For Mobile WebApp

tower-server ## Installation

turted The Universal Real Time Event Dispatcher

websocket-multiplex WebSocket-multiplex is a thin library on top of SockJS that allows you to do multiplexing of many virtual WebSockets connection over a single physical one.

wiconnect WIconnect Node.js-Package

xjrpc XJRPC is JSON based RPC with observers and remote promises

yeti Yeti automates browser testing.

zapp http server with live reloading, templates, markdown, and scss

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