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npmtop silly program that ranks npm contributors by number of packages

nv Front-end development environment

nv-pack Build tool for packing static distribution packages. Part of the node-front project.

passport-authtkt mod_auth_tkt based authentication.

passport-extended fluff on top of passport

phony-node Telephony framework for FreeSWITCH

pingdom Pingdom JSON API library

plz simple build automation

progbar terminal progress bar

rackspace-shared-utils Shared Rackspace Node.js utility modules and functions.

radiodan Programmable radios operating at web scale

rate-limiter A module for rate limiting HTTP(s) requests based on the client IP address.

rational Natural option parsing

recuest API testing proxy

resol-vbus A JavaScript library for processing RESOL VBus data

service-registry-client Node.js client for Rackspace Service Registry.

service-registry-wrapper Process wrapper which allows you to register arbitrary long-running process with Rackspace Service Registry.

shred A simple HTTP client for Node.js and browsers. Supports gzip, cookies, redirects, and https.

socksified HTTP SOCKS5 support for node.js

spruce Spruce Configurable Logging Library

starch starch ======

stream-playground Explore Node.js streams with an interactive playground.

strong Strong i18n for Express.js-based applications

swiz Serialization and Validation Framework for objects in RESTful APIs

syncml-js A pure javascript implementation of the SyncML adapter framework and protocol.

syncro Simple, schema-driven, synchronizing, offline-enabled, websocket-powered JavaScript framework

tapr Tapper (tapr) is a node.js tap test runner which allows stdout and stderr mixed in with the tap output and also presents assert output in a more abbreviated fashion. Tapper also optionally adds color to the output. Core based on Isaac Z Schlueter original tap runner. Because of Isaac's modular design Tapr/Tapper customizes the runner but uses all the original tap components.

taptunnel Local Tunnel for the service: [Browsertap](

tedious A TDS driver, for connecting to MS SQLServer databases.

tedious-ntlm A TDS driver, for connecting to MS SQLServer databases. Experimental version with NTLM authentication.

terminal A collection of different terminal utility functions.

test-module test module

thyme What's this? ------------

titanium Appcelerator Titanium Command line

translator-only Simple and focused localization tool

uva-node UVa Command Line Tool

weaver Interactive process management system

webmetrics Webmetrics JSON API library

whiskey Whiskey is a powerful test runner for Node.js applications and a process orchestration framework which makes running integration tests with a lot of service / process dependencies easier.

yt2mp3 A terminal program that downloads YouTube videos as MP3 files using

zookeeper-client A higher-level ZooKeeper client based on node-zookeeper with support for locking and master election.

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