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minimus Asset bundler for express.js apps with S3 deployment option

mobilize Inlines all of the JavaScripts, stylesheets and images of an HTML page.

mojo-router HTTP Router for Mojo.js

mongish mongish =======

mongo-postal A node.js module that both creates a MongoDB collection of US postal codes and provides geo-spatial searching on them given a source zipcode and radius.

mongodblite self-contained mongodb implementation

nexe Roll node.s applications into a single executable

njs-cli NJS CLI Tools (

node-images Cross-platform image decoder(png/jpeg/gif) and encoder(png/jpeg) for Node.js

node-neo4j Neo4j REST API wrapper for Node.js

node-poster Ported over from the following:

node-request http request .using for get,post,and post file.

nodeportal Portal based cms written in node.js

nojam nodejam =======

nproxy A cli proxy tool specialized in file replacing

nstore nStore is a simple, in-process key/value database for node.js.

nTunes An extendable REST API for interacting with iTunes over HTTP

oauth-douban A oauth plugin of douban api based on node.js

ocplatform ERROR: No file found!

overlog Simple logs collection and retrieval.

pagedownloader Node module to download a complete html webpage

pdns PowerDNS CLI application

plugin Plugin library

pouch A collection of useful JavaScript and Node.js utilities

prefer Configuration management for NodeJS Version 0.2.4

rabbitmq_minionpool A RabbitMQ minionpool

rbsa Returns Based Style Analysis

readarepo-zip Convert a git repo to zipped up html to read anywhere.

recuest API testing proxy

redis-futon Redis Web Interface

redis-shard A consistent hashing library for redis in node

redism A redis connection manager

releasetools A set of functions to deal with package releases in Node.js

renrenlogin A base module to login

sardines Combine all node.js scripts into one file. Run it as a single executable, or online.

scaffold scaffolding library for node.js

scaffoldit scaffolding library for node.js

schematic-model database independent nodejs model interface

sexy Sequential Proxy for writing Asynchronous with ECMAScript 5 Proxies

sf-transfer A cli tool to transfer sf combo rules to nproxy format

sidebars Asynchronous sidebar / widget execution library

spcache Simple Cache library

ssh-keypair Generate ssh keys using ssh-keygen

stackvm StackVM is a web-based virtual machine manager where users will * interact directly with the graphical or text console * drop virtual machines into a virtual network diagram * access files on the virtual machine directly * create, duplicate, snapshot, and

starch starch ======

step-error Plugin for Creationix's flow control library (step) for global error handling

step-object More Object based creation of 'step' functions

strider Brilliant continuous deployment platform

strider-bitbucket A bitbucket provider for strider

strider-extension-loader Load Strider extensions

strider-github A basic git provider for strider

strider-heroku Heroku deployment for Strider

strider-simple-worker Simple in-process worker implementation for Strider

survana-study Survana study module

taptunnel Local Tunnel for the service: [Browsertap](

tilelive-mapnik Mapnik backend for tilelive

tilelive-mapnik-cartodb Mapnik backend for tilelive

tilemill A modern map design studio.

tilestream A high performance tile server and simple web viewer for MBTiles files.

um-js A central place to manage the user accounts.

upnp-client A Client Library to interface with UPnP compliant devices.

walkr Recursive file walking / copying for node with middleware

webfinger Client library for Host Meta (RFC 6415) and Webfinger

wheat Git powered javascript blog.

windshaft A Node.js based map tile server for PostGIS & Mapnik

wizard-syncronizer Node.js runtime environment is required. Clone the repo and execute the following command:

workit The stupid development server. Serves CoffeeScript, Jade, and Stylus like a champ. Reloads browser on source-file change. CORS enabled.

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