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acs Appcelerator Server Side Node

acsjin Appcelerator Server Side Node

alto A MVCS framework for javascript applications.

annotext A attribution engine for NodeJS

appchef Mozilla AppMaker command-line tool.

askfast Library to create AskFast agents

async-deep-trim asynchronous recursive module to trim Strings in large arrays

auto-invoice Script that makes invoices.

auton Automated node development environment & resource compiler

autoprint New (working) version of autoprint in JavaScript.

banker Downloads transactions and balances from online banking websites using Zombie.js.

beautiful-docs A documentation viewer based on markdown files

better-markdown-walker A utility for walking a directory structure and parsing markdown to html

bluefrisby API tests generated from your api blueprint.

bor A fast async JavaScript pre-processor.

buff Buff your node repl or runtime with the best libraries and utilities.

capture Captures Screenshots using Phantom.js

centralindex-apitools Tools to allow an API to be setup using configuration files

chai-webdriver Build more expressive integration tests with some webdriver sugar for chai.js

clis sort safe base16 to/from base64 conversion with filename and url safe characters written in pure javascript

clogs show git logs for multiple branches in columns in your browser

cn Chuck Norris jokes whenever you need one

concurixjs Node.js Real-time Visual Profiler and Debugger

confidencial-ni-node Web scraping

cozy-data-system Data-layer between cozy applications and persistence systems

cozy-routing Tool to manage cozy routing

cucumberjs-browser CLI for generating browser-based cucumber runner.

cuke-tree A hierarchical Cucumber test report generator and IDE.

derbygap A tool to help setup a phonegap project with DerbyJS.

desktop-entry NodeJS X11 Desktop Entry

dirty-water Measures JavaScript "dirt" in HTML / EJS / AngularJs template files

dnschain A blockchain-based DNS + HTTP server that fixes HTTPS security, and more!

docha Generate documentation from your Mocha BDD specs

duffel-auth Provides user management and the ability to protect resources with permission based access control

earley-node ### An implementation of the a Context Free Grammar (CFG) using the Earley algorithm in Node.JS

easy-folderator An easy way to automatically include and name modules in subdirectories.

easy-test A command line tool for generating mocha test scaffolds

exactmedia Exact Media Node.js client library

exif-renamer A NodeJS library & shell command to rename photos using their EXIF data.

express-mount A command line tool to generate a mounted subapp

express-path Easy route mapping for Express

express-seed An empty website using nodejs + express + handlerbars + sass + bower + grunt + mysql.

express.skeleton express hello world

eye-of-agamotto Marvel Comics database api access with throttling/caching


fabrique-js a tool to build code and do some automatic development tasks

forcifier Node.js module provides utility functions for dealing with fields to make them pretty and easier to work with.

form-validate A validation module for nodejs and express. It aims to give a convenient way to validate incoming POST data (which is the most common) and be as flexible as possible. This module is in development - feel free to contribute if you feel like it :)

forumjs forumjs =======

generator-joosy A generator for Yeoman

generator-troopjs Scaffolding TroopJS application

git-guilt Social blame tool for Git

gitban Very simple command line kanban-esque tool for use with github issues

gopher-menudle create Gopher menus with ease

graojs graoJS - A full stack MVC NodeJS framework

grunt-pg-utils Grunt tasks for version control on PostgreSql stored procedures, and various utilities.

grunt-spawn A process launcher that does what it says on the tin

grunt-textfile A grunt task to quickly create text files for text file based blogging.

gt JavaScript native QUnit runner with code coverage and multiple extensions

guerrero Traverse both remote and local file systems and collect information about movies, images and music via mediainfo.

haikfu Haiku generator

helperbot A mineflayer bot that helps you do things in minecraft.

herunt A Grunt multitask plugin for deploying Node.JS apps to Heroku

house A home for your website, apps & data.

html-ui HTML user interface builder.

htmlbook Markdown to HTMLBook converter

http-retry HTTP retry module


hulk Blog focused static site generator, a la Jekyll.

hurt-locker hurt-locker ===========

hydrator Rehydrated static files.

icalc Convert copy pasted search results from ical to csv.

ipizza Node.js implementation for Estonian(and some other) banklink payments.

jab-validator validation using string and node-validator

jarvis-js Build AngularJS apps with intelligence

jenkins-asskicker-server Title says it all

jiggler jiggler provides a simple and flexible interface for defining representations for your JavaScript objects.

json-fix-stream Fix malformed JSON stream

json-tools simplifies json access

json-utilities json-utilities

jsreport javascript based business reporting

jt400 Implementation on JavaScript

koderra koderra

kolint Lint for application code which uses Knockout.js

linksnip A utility that will take a url and provide a basic synoposis of the web page including title, text, and image. Inspired by Facebook link scraper.

logmeup Node.js library to integrate with the LogMeUp server.

lumia lumia editor for fun

lytup CLI for

mapslice Slices a given image into tiles to be used for a interactive map display. (including command-line tool)

markdown-page Parse a markdown article or page.

mars Tag steps in your code and navigate to them using Git.

monget a commandline tool to run mongo queries to stdout

mongoose-slugger make slugs.

mssql-memcached Microsoft SQL and Memcached Client

mybatisnodejs MyBatisNodeJs is a port from the The MyBatis Java data mapper framework for Node.Js.

nails-utils General purpose utilities used by nails-framework

naravel 类似PHP laravel的mvc框架,基于Express.

ng-string An angular module for string manipulation. Encapsulates the awesome npm string package.

node-espruino Node library for interfacing with espruino javascript microcontroller.

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