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amdify Amdify converts your node.js code into browser-compatible code. For example

auth ERROR: No file found!

back-notifications - jQuery - [transit](

bark-notifications - jQuery - [transit](

bean.http HTTP beans for beanpole

beanpole Routing on Steroids

beanpoll-http HTTP beans for beanpole

capirona Javascript Tasks

cashew ID generator

Cashew ID generator

celeri CLI lib

chowder - recursivley include other configuration files - scan directory for configuration files

cronworker cron tabs + node jobs

cupboard Reverse Repo System

daisy Abstracted MQ for rabbitmq

dirmr Directory merging & manipulation

dref deep object refs

emailer node-emailer ============

fig async view for node, and the web

garden-planter garden-planter ==============

gittyup [![build status](]( Gittyup is a small node.js application deployment library similar to [n](/visionmedia/n).

guava Push for mongodb

gumbo node.js db

maestro Maestro is a cloud management tool with a mongodb-like feel

malt realtime model for beanpole

maprest Map objects to RESTful interfaces

mongodblite self-contained mongodb implementation

plugin Plugin library


recuest API testing proxy

sardines Combine all node.js scripts into one file. Run it as a single executable, or online.

simplecache - supports multiple transports (mongodb, redis, fs)


starch starch ======

supervisord Supervisord library for node.js

taptunnel Local Tunnel for the service: [Browsertap](

thyme What's this? ------------

verify ```javascript

walkr Recursive file walking / copying for node with middleware

watch_r - recursively watch files - **watch new dirs/files that have been added to any watched directory** - ability to ignore files with `.ignorewatch` including list of files to ignore (similar to `.gitignore`). Use `*` to ignore all files in `.ignorewatch` directory.

watch_r-structr-lock This is watch_r 0.0.14 but locks down structr

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