Packages depending on stylus

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nohm-backend a web interface for nohm database management

nopar Abstrakt Node Package Registry & Proxy

normalize Stylus porting of normalize.css

normalize.stylus Stylus port of normalize.css

nosey Stupid simple Continuous Integration server

notch Notch is a command line tool and library for building, deploying and administering CouchApps with Node.js

npm-www website for npm

nproc A process management console written in Node.js

npush n:push Real Time Messaging System by Newicon Ltd.

nuco light weight process manager for node

open.core Common utility functionality used between multiple applications.

ourtunes Command-line tool to roll your own music player

package-editor Web based editor for package.json file for npm

packratjs A simple `component` packer

packuvator Render Jade/CoffeeScript/Stylus template directory into HTML/JS/CSS zip archive

papyr A single-page web app for visualising API references.

peanut node.js cucumber implementation for the birds

pencil Custom tags/components for Jade. Extend, mixin and inherit.

pergament Pergament - express micro-framework for rich applications

phinqx MVC framework making it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers.

phosphorus leptonix build task

photopipe Pipe yer photos all over the web and stuff.

picamera Node package for the PiCamera app.

placesite Placesite is a small app that generates placeholder images not unlike

platform-ng A quick-configuring ExpressJS webapp platform

plum Demo server environment by node

polvo-stylus Stylus plugin for Polvo

polymorph Connect middleware for transparence compile dev files.

pop A static website and blog generator

primus-live Live reload with Jade/Stylus/CoffeeScript/Markdown support

pro Accelerated prototype development with web technologies

proteus-static static file provider as express middleware

proto-cli A front-end web prototyping tool, combining markup, style, and script into a served, rendered page.


punch-stylus-compiler Use stylus in your Punch projects

queue-a4tomator A queue server and client to distibute work among client nodes and having a master server

queue-automator A queue server and client to distibute work among client nodes and having a master server

recaster Clone this project to scaffold a new (npm/node) project.

record-orm A simple redis orm based on Nohm

reddish GUI for Redis

redis-admin A smart and fast web interface for redis

rehab2 [project continued as coffeescript-rehab] Rehab helps you deal with your file dependencies!

resolvedyet Realtime DNS Monitor built on Express and

rode Packet-Oriented Framework for ES6 and Express.

roots roots is a toolbox for building simple, beautiful, and efficient products for the web

roots-cms A content management tool for managing roots dynamic content.

roots-express Roots live reload and css library for express

roots-static Roots is a tiny, fast, and flexible build system for static sites

rwatch Test Module

scone 'Scone.js' makes developing node.js apps that use coffeescript and stylus easier by merging the coffee -w and stylus -w commands along side the server console. One terminal to rule them all.

seafish-kue Forked from Kue, replace JSON with meteor EJSON

sealdeal front end build tools ftw!

serve Simple command-line file / directory server built with connect

serverup chinghi serverup

serveur Simple command-line file / directory server built with connect

servit The stupid development server. Serves CoffeeScript, EJS, and Stylus like a champ. Reloads browser on source-file change.

servitude JavaScript and CSS Sugar

shmeck A web framework

shoelace-stylus Stylus preprocessor

shroom Simple tool for managing the build of front end web apps. Supports coffeescript, jade, stylus, sass and spritesheet generation

silver-server ERROR: No file found!

simple-blog A simple, session-free and extendable blogging platform.

simple-build A simple build tool for Node.js web projects.

simple-grid-stylys Simple fixed customizable grid inspired bootstrap

sir Simple command-line development server built with connect

smite Web development with a hammer.

socket-express When realtime and stateless HTTP together, live happily ever after. HMVC framework built on top of Primus and Express.js for Node.js, inspired somehow by the simplicity of PHP Kohana framework (sorry, not another Rails clone for Node for you)

source-compiler Compile javascript transcompilers and css frameworks with one API

sourcefile automatic sourcefile compiler for jade, stylus and coffeescript

spectacular Advanced BDD framework for CoffeeScript and JavaScript

springbokjs Springbok JS Framework

springbokjs-stylus-sprites Springbok - Sprites for Stylus

sprite.styl Stylus mixins for generating image sprites.

sprobe Server monitoring tool.

squid build utility for compiling coffee, stylus, jade files

squire Flexible front-end build tools

ss-stylus Stylus (CSS) wrapper for SocketStream 0.3

starch starch ======

startapp Coffeescript web app framework

static-app Build easy to deploy static browser apps.

stdweb Standard express-based Node.js web server

steckling Flexible Front End Dev Server

stitch-asset-server CommonJS stitcher and asset pipeline.

stratus a web based programmer's text editor

stratus-color a syntax highligher for standalone static use or by Stratus Editor

stratus-ui UI widgets for stratus editor

strdwebserver StRd's Node-based WebServer based on node-webserver demonstrated by Golo Roden in dotnetpro 2/2014

strider Brilliant continuous deployment platform

studynotes The website. AP Notes & College Essays. AP US History Notes.

styl-file-compile .styl compile

styler CSS/Stylus live editor

stylesheet-wrapper npm install stylesheet-wrapper

stylestats StyleStats is Node.js library to collect CSS statistics!

styletto CSS assets manager

stylify browserify v2 plugin for stylus

stylizer Stylizer makes it super easy to integrate stylus, and stylus plugins, into a node/moonboots project.

stylus-assert Assert for Stylus

stylus-blueprint Blueprint CSS framework ported to Stylus

stylus-brandcolors brandcolors port for stylus

stylus-brunch Adds Stylus support to brunch.

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