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adapter a set of libraries for soap protocols translation

awscms Awscms is a [Connect]( middleware that serves [Handlebars]( templates from an Amazon S3 bucket.

costa Coffee classes for web application

crazytrain network rail arrival & departure server using

datakit DataKit Server

fork2 Fork A Programmer - Interactive Programming Lessons

gusto Unfancy MVC

jarvis-js Build AngularJS apps with intelligence

levitate Levitate is an exploit development platform

node-document-storage Storage adapter interface for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

ovirt A Node.js driver for oVirt REST API

pavlov ERROR: No file found!

pill-static Pill static data middleware

runner-runner Application bootsrapper

scaffoldr Ferramenta de criação e build de aplicações web.

twine Untangle and wrap together your async

unixy ERROR: No file found!

webnode RESTful web service framework on top of Restify

yabby Yabby Framework

youtube-js Youtube downloader

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