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bal-util Common utility functions for Node.js used and maintained by Benjamin Lupton

docpad DocPad is a next generation web architecture that lets you create fast static websites with dynamic abilities and powerful abstractions. Write your website as files on your computer, entries in a database, or even RSS feeds and DocPad will import it, gene

docpad-plugin-browserifydocs Browserify your documents by adding the `browserify: true` meta data

docpad-plugin-cachr Caches remote resources locally

docpad-plugin-cleancss Adds support to clean CSS in DocPad.

docpad-plugin-cleanurls Adds support for clean urls to DocPad

docpad-plugin-cmds Adds support for shell script compilation to DocPad

docpad-plugin-downloader Download (and optionally extract) files into your project before your project starts generating

docpad-plugin-flickrimages DocPad plugin that uploads images to flickr

docpad-plugin-ghpages Deploy to Github Pages easily via `docpad deploy-ghpages`

docpad-plugin-links Adds support for late bound links to DocPad

docpad-plugin-multiplelayouts Docpad plugin that enables multiple layouts per document

docpad-plugin-nodesass Adds support for the SCSS CSS pre-processor to DocPad using node-sass

docpad-plugin-paged DocPad plugin which adds the ability to render a document out to multiple pages

docpad-plugin-partials Adds support for Partials (re-usable templates) to DocPad

docpad-plugin-pygments Adds support for Pygments Syntax Highlighting to DocPad

docpad-plugin-redirector DocPad plugin for redirecting URLs to other websites via configuration. Based on the cleanurls plugin.

docpad-plugin-repocloner DocPad plugin that clones out repos into your website

docpad-plugin-restapi Add a REST API to your DocPad project for interacting with DocPad files and documents

docpad-plugin-sass Adds support for the SASS and SCSS CSS pre-processors to DocPad. It also supports the Compass framework.

docpad-plugin-slim DocPad plugin that adds the ability to render Slim templates to HTML

docpad-plugin-sunny DocPad plugin which adds the ability to output to Amazon S3, Google Storage or and other service supported by SunnyJS.

docpad-plugin-text Allows you to render templateData with HTML elements

docpad-plugin-tumblr Import your Tumblr content directly into your DocPad database

docpad-plugin-webpack DocPad plugin to bundle CommonJS/AMD/Labeled Modules with webpack.

event-emitter-grouped Emit events in serial or parallel with support for synchronous and asynchronous listeners

feedr Feedr takes in a remote feed (regardless of format type) and converts it into JSON data

getcontributors Fetch all the contributors of all the specified github users repositories

getpackages Fetch the information for packages inside the npm registry

getrepos Fetch the specified repositories, or those that match a particular github user or search query

joe Joe is a JavaScript testing framework that actually works. Unlike Mocha, we won't die on you abruptly when executing dynamically created tests and are always able to associate the correct test to the correct corresponding test suite. Switching from Mocha is trivial and only takes a few minutes.

projectz Stop wasting time syncing and updating your project's README and Package Files!

safeps Work with processes safely and easily with Node.js

watchr Better file system watching for Node.js

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