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acs Appcelerator Server Side Node

acs-dev Appcelerator Server Side Node

acs-qe Appcelerator Server Side Node

acsjin Appcelerator Server Side Node

albot Automated Leverage Box Operation Tool

amdbuilder Build amd modules tosingle module.

ap3-cli A CLI for Atlassian Plugins 3

appdmg Generate beautiful DMG-images for your OS X applications.

appium Automation for Apps.

apx A scalable, extensible, modular API Server Express HTTP Server, and Socket.IO translator for APX API server

ares-ide A browser-based code editor and UI designer for Enyo 2 projects

ass A flexible node code coverage library with multiple-process support.

assetgraph-builder Build system for web sites and applications

asteroid Asteroid

atlas-connect CLI for the atlassian-connect-express library (helpers for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express)

atlasboard AtlasBoard is dashboard/wallboard framework written all in JS

awsbox A featherweight, DIY, PaaS system for deploying on NodeJS apps on Amazon's EC2

awsboxen Deploying and Scaling NodeJS apps on AWS

backpack-coordinator Coordination service for backpack cluster.

bashpack packs a nodejs project into a single bash file

bip API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bipio API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

birdy Static asset anti-package management.

bower2nix Generate nix expressions to fetch bower dependencies

bowerball Stream tarballs for bower components over HTTP.

brewer Asset compilation/packaging/compression utility

browserid-certifier A process that creates user certificates described in the BrowserID protocol - for use in your projects

buildfu A collection of CLI web build tools

cadabra A NodeJS wrapper for ImageMagick using the mogrify command line program.

cafe4 Client-side applications build tool

catlogjs Static site generator, translate human readable text format(such as markdown) into html, with a lot of other functions

chrome2calltree convert chrome CPU profiles to callgrind formatted files

closure-deps-resolver Resolve google-closure-library dependencies.

codebox Open source cloud & desktop IDE.

colour-extractor Extract colour palettes from images

component-proxy Proxy installs a component

confy Manage settings library, like as pit.

connect-image-proxy Middleware for proxying and manipulating images.

connect-wami Connect middleware for WAMI Recorder.

cowboy A pluggable parallel execution framework written in Node.js

cowboy-cli-api An API that interacts with the cowboy cli programmatically

crossover zero-downtime deployments

ctx-old Front-end package management, publish tools for CI & automation

ctx-old-ftp-updated Front-end package management, publish tools for CI & automation

cubelets A package for interacting with Cubelets.

datapackage Like npm but for data packages!

delimit Convert delimited files from one format to another

docco-central Docco documentation for whole projects.

dock.js An easy to use Node.js module that orchestrates Docker containers that handles interdependencies for you.

dockship Deploy node.js apps on docker hosts

docparse DocParse is a integrated solution to process data from supplier bills. Data is scraper from supplier websites and matched against user supplied uploads of scanned paid bills. From here the system outputs the data to a specially formatted website which is delivered to the client

docparse-config configuration for docparse-scraper project

docparse-dumpinvoices takes a list of couchdb invoice ids and exports the data contained within those invoices to an Excel spreadsheet

docparse-scraper-hes scrape Hess Energy bills for use in the docparse system

docparse-scraper-nst Node Zombie based scraper to scrape bills from the NStar (supplier code "NST)" website

docparse-scraper-runner manage running docparse scraper jobs on a schedule

dpm-stan A client for data package registry

dpm2 Like npm but for data packages!

excel-export-fast Simple and fast data set export to Excel xlsx file

excel-parser node.js excel parser. Supports xlsx, xls

execSync Node's missing execSync.

executioner Wrappers around execSync, a package for synchronous execution of shell commands.

express-upload Chainable file upload api for express

fashionista Apply themes to connect/express apps using the Stylus port of Zurb Foundation themes

feebs-cli CLI for the feebs library (helpers for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express)

fekit FE Toolkit

fekit-package-docs 组件文档生成器

fekitvm FE Toolkit

fez A fast build tool for JavaScript

filerepl A simple repl to work with a single file with auto reloading.

firebase-cli The Firebase Command Line Tools

firebase-tools The Firebase Command Line Tools

fis-parser-redcarpet A parser plugin for fis to compile markdown file.

flite binding for flite, a tiny text-to-speech synthesizer

full-meta-jacket The 42nd best static site generator for node.js

gemini UI Screenshot testing utility

generator-release A release generator for Yeoman

gifufy Converts movies to GIFs with ffmpeg and gifsicle

gist-put A convenient command line utility for gists

gist-put-002 A convenient command line utility for gists

git-archive Export a bare git repo as a single tarball file to a given path

git-export-file Export (from a git repo) a particular revision of the specified file(s). Defaults to the last revision in which each file was changed.

git-rest-api A library providing a restful Git API mimicking as most as possible the old good git

gitin ERROR: No file found!

gitlabhook This is an easy to use nodeJS based web hook for GitLab.

gm-to-grayscale Use `gm` to read an RGB buffer/image and make it grayscale

google-speech-format Google Speech audio formatter.

gpan Node.js module to download hi-res streetview panoramas

gr Gist Runner for Nodejs!

gracie On-the-fly javascript contacatenator, minifier and dependency resolver for client-side JS

graphviz Node.js interface to the GraphViz graphing tool

groovebasin Music player server with a web-based interface inspired by Amarok 1.4

grunt-express Start (and supervise) an Express.js web server using grunt.js, works well with

grunt-express-middleware The best Grunt plugin ever.

grunt-lodashbuilder Build your Lo-Dash experience with grunt

grunt-nunit-runner grunt plugin for running nunit

grunt-smaller Grunt plugin wrapping 'Smaller', a minification service for javascript and stylesheets (

grunt-transbrute Publish project files using Git.

grunt-tube Install grunt tasks once and once is annoying.

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