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grunt-webfont Ultimate SVG to webfont converter for Grunt.

guerrero Traverse both remote and local file systems and collect information about movies, images and music via mediainfo.

gulp-tsc TypeScript compiler for gulp.js

gvprss A CSS-like pre-processor for Graphviz's gvpr.

handlebars-pages Compile templates with contents to html pages.

hess-bills-table-process-row Download a bill in the bills table and add it to the docparse database

hexo-qiniu-sync hexo qiniu static files sync plugin

hexo-tag-vimhighlight Highlight code using vim in hexo

honk-cake ![Honk! Cake!](

hostsfile Make changes to /etc/hosts

hsstatic Node bindings for the Hubspot Static Daemon

htcondor nodejs hook for htcondor

http-stale-cache-proxy A non-compliant HTTP caching proxy that excels at serving stale cached content, while keeping its cache updated asynchronously.

hyperloop hyperloop compiler

iconize Converts a bunch of SVG icons to CSS data URLs with PNG fallbacks.

invoice generate pdf invoices from tex templates

ironhorse Flatiron plugin for Express that borrows some of the good ideas of Union without the route and middleware nonsense.

isolated isolated provider one-time folders for unit tests.

istanbul-proxy Run Istanbul coverage on JS in the browser through an HTTP proxy

jive-testing-framework For testing nodejs applications

joose Post modern self-hosting meta object system for JavaScript with support for classes, inheritance, roles, traits, method modifiers and more.

js-loader On-the-fly javascript contacatenator, minifier and dependency resolver for client-side JS

jsgui-node-render-svg Renders SVGs using PhantomJS, has a callback

jshintreact Wrapper arround jshint to deal with jsx code in react.js

jsnap Executes a JavaScript file and dumps a snapshot of the state after executing the top-level code, before entering the event loop

karma-environments Run multiple test suites in one karma process.

latex A simple wrapper for LaTeX in node.js

ldc linked data container manager

ldpm linked data container manager

ledger-import Import accounting transactions from CSV files to Ledger format.

lgen 0config static site generator

limdu A machine learning framework for Node.js. Supports multi-level classification and online learning.

loopback-workspace A library and server implementation for managing Loopback Projects.

main Provides useful tools for writing command line scripts

markdown-resume Turn a simple markdown document into a resume in HTML and PDF

markdown-word A module for creating Word documents (docx) from Markdown

mediablast generic processing server

mediaplugin media process

mill-cli papermill CLI tool

mkfiletree Make a tree of files and directories from data defined in an object

mole Like 1Password for ssh tunnels and VPN connections, plus sharing within a team.

mongod-run Runs mongod. Useful when testing APIs.

mongoose-thumbnail Mongoose plugin adding a thumbnail field to a schema - useful for expressjs image file uploads

muffin Handy helpers for Cakefiles

murdoc Lightweight Markdown publishing with multiple outputs.

nerve Nerve blogging platform

ngrid-electric-login Login to the NGrid Electric website using curl

ngrid-electric-scrape-single-account Scrape a single account number for a given customer login on the NGrid Electric website

ngrid-electric-select-account Select a single account number for a given customer login on the NGrid Electric website

ngrid-gas-get-accounts-for-login Load the table of account numbers on the NGrid Gas website and extract all the accounts

ngrid-gas-login login to the NGrid Gas website using curl

ngrid-gas-scrape-single-account Scrape all bills for a single account on the NGrid Gas supplier website

ngrid-gas-select-account select account on the ngrid gas supplier website

ngrid-gas-view-accounts-table-page Load the page containing the table of account numbers on the NGrid Gas website

node-appc Appcelerator Common Node Library

node-link-checker A commandline utility and nodejs library for checking the state of a link to a file.

node-pdf pdf generation using mustache and xelatex

node-webkit-builder node-webkit-builder

nodeNES A JavaScript NES C6502 compiler

nodify-cli Nodify CLI

noface Quickly and easily start PhantomJS from Node.js

nor-mvc Sendanor Model-View-Controller Module

nor-pgrunner PostgreSQL Database Server Runner

npm-gitdeps Pulls dependencies from git repositories even if they don't support NPM

npm-mirror npm-mirror ==========

npm2nix Generate nix expressions to build npm packages

npmmvn Hack to read NPM modules from a Maven repository

npub publishing tool for your node projects hosted on github

nst-process-bills Process html bills downloaded from the NStar website

nstar-scrape-for-login Module to scrape all bills for a given customer username and password on the NGrid account homepage

ntspm Node.js typescript package manager

office Parse office documents (doc, docx, xls, etc..)

osg nodejs client libraries for Open Science Grid

osg-blast blast workflow for open science grid

pandox Rod's extensions for Pandoc, the universal document converter.

pdf-extract Node PDF is a set of tools that takes in PDF files and converts them to usable formats for data processing. The library supports both extracting text from searchable pdf files as well as performing OCR on pdfs which are just scanned images of text

pdfer-api api server for the pdfer service

pdfer-jobs Job processing for the pdfer service

phantomstream Streaming interface to the PhantomJS headless browser

pi-steroid A Raspberry Pi client for Asteroid (aka written in nodejs

pine2e Pinetwo's pluggable web stack based on Express.js and PostgreSQL

pintupinqu TUQU Frontend Develop TOOLS

plato-repo-report Serves up Plato reports for your Git repo

pm-tutdown Projmate Tutdown Filter

prawn Pre-compiler for the Pawn language. Made for SA-MP scripting.

projmate-core Projmate Core Package

pullquester Issues a pull request using configuration files in your current repo.

pulverizr Smash your images down to size.

put-in install a node package into a specific folder

q-server Binary Package Manager Server

qcumberbatch Integration wrapper between qcumber and webdriverjs.

quartermaster quartermaster is a small library to create compressed binary packages for distribution

quicklook Quicklook files on OS X

quiver-cache-component quiver-cache-component ======================

quiver-command-component quiver-command-component ========================

ralio command-line client for the rallydev API

redisfs Utility for moving files in and out of Redis

rendersvg Renders SVGs to PNG, GIF, JPEG, or PDF using PhantomJS

resize-stream Resize images with streams

rexec Remote process execution and virtualization.

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