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blunt-weave Trumpet Wrapper

code-music-studio design musical algorithms

compoxure Page composition proxy built using node-http-proxy and trumpet as middleware based on ideas from harmon.

crawlstream Crawl websites in a streaming fashion

essential Streaming all the way down

expandobem ExpandOBem is a preprocessing step for HTML that allows you to write BEM-style classes in a shorter, more expressive manner.

express-webapp-host express middleware to rewrite a html web apps base tag in the index html. This is useful for serving web apps (like angular) from different base urls.

gparser parse weird google voice api XML responses

gsms interface for google voice sms

hammerdown Streaming HTML To Markdown Writer

harmon A piece of middleware for node-http-proxy that allows you to modify the remote service response with trumpet

html-prefixer Prefix urls in <script>/<link>/<img> with a cdn URL

hyperglue update html elements by mapping query selectors to attributes, text, and hypertext

hyperspace render streams of html on the client and the server

hyperstream stream html into html at a css selector

js-inliner Inline <script> tags under the specified size

omlet Omlet dom templating

papermonk-downloader-plosone scraper

peer-proxy Proxy web service from peer

readme-getter A module for fetching README html from npm modules.

recaster Clone this project to scaffold a new (npm/node) project.

sara A JavaScript framework that unites the server and client.

scrim scrape image URIs from HTML

script-injector Inject inline javascript into an HTML stream.

stream-adventure an educational stream adventure

stream-playground Explore Node.js streams with an interactive playground.

style-injector Inject some style into your HTML

svgify A browserify transform for requiring SVG files to embed directly in your code.

tabby create tabbed web apps with progressive enhancement

testling-server run your browser tests on every commit

wubwub web scraper

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