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armada node-armada ===========

awsm-cli node-awsm-cli =============

bind-all Create singletons from objects.

bindable bindable.js ===========

bindable-decor ```coffeescript decor = require("bindable-decor") bindable = require("bindable") factory = decor.factory()

bindable-model Models:

bindable-schema ```javascript

brasslet Built originally for [node-ectwo](

dot-component MongoDB-style "dot notation" querying for JavaScript.

dref deep object refs

each-component Array / object / string iteration utility

factories factories.js ============

fasten Built originally for [node-ectwo](

fendjs-route Fundamental of router for Fend.js

funwrap funetti.js ==========

hoist Synchronous mappings:

hyper-path Traverse a hyper api

inverted-index inverted-index for level with pagination, sift3/cosine distance and tf-idf ranking

janitorjs janitor.js ==========

jsedn js implementation of edn

jsont Simple json template language

level-cursor level stream cursor

levelup-cursor levelup stream cursor

libretto libretto ========

linen Linen (line-in) maps API's to [bindable](/classdojo/bindable.js) `objects`, and `collections`. At [classdojo](, we use `linen` to abstract our API from front-end, so we don't necessarily depend on any sort of API while developing new components. This allows us to rapidly build prototypes which can be wired up later.

mannequin mannequin.js ============

mediocre - pre-hooks - post-hooks -

merge-util Deep merge object utility

mesh Write one app, deploy to many platforms

modella-level-count keep a count index of the number of instances in a model

modella-level-relations levelup based modella relations

modella-level-search search your modella models

mojo-paperclip paperclip template engine for mojo.js

mojo-router HTTP Router for Mojo.js

mojojs modular mv+ JavaScript framework for node, and the web

mongo-diff Component to perform a diff between two objects expressed as MongoDB operations.

mongo-eql Applies the MongoDB equality semantics for a comparison between two datastructures.

mongo-escape Escapes the MongoDB operators from the given Object

mongo-minify Minifies a given MongoDB update query based on fields restrictions (inclusion or exclusion).

mongo-query Component that implements the complete MongoDB query JSON API to operate on individual documents.

mydb-client MyDB client component.

observable-component Get and set properties and watch for changes

packages node-packages is [require.js]( for node.js.

paperclip controller logic:

paperclip-component paperclip-view ============== ERROR: No file found!

perceive Inspect values with peace by readability

range-index levelup based range index

relax-component superagent on a couch

restio REST-like syntax for WebSockets

ribbit Javascript Tasks

sc-haskey A utility that checks objects for deep keys and validates their type

sc-merge Merge properties

sc-schemajs This project is used to demonstrate how you should write a module in SPEAK

sc-storejs This project is used to demonstrate how you should write a module in SPEAK

sherpaa Sherpa is an application guide for your users.

sift3 SIFT3 Algorithm

sort-component Sort array utility

staple ```javascript var staple = require("staple")({ object: { subscribe: function(target, key, callback) { target.on("change:" + key, callback); }, unsubscribe: function(target, key, callback) {"change": + key, callback); }, get: funciton(target, key, value) { target.get(key, value); } set: function(target, key, value) { target.set(key, value); } } });

subindable subindable.js =============

tower-attr ## Installation

up-clone Clones prototypes

vnhr virtual node hash ring

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