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apps-a-middleware ![image](

baconts TypeScript wrapper for Bacon.js

cabinet A fast static file server loaded with useful features

chromolens Code base for Cancer Science Institute of Singapore

cm common Node modules/utils that I use

compiled-coffee CompiledCoffee combines CoffeeScript with TypeScript's type system via the definition files.

fis-parser-typescript A parser plugin for fis to compile type script.

grunt-ts Compile and manage your TypeScript project

grunt-type Compile TypeScript files to JavaScript.

grunt-typescript compile typescript to javascript

grunt-typescript-compile Grunt plugin to compile TypeScript.

gulp-ts TypeScript compiler Gulp plugin

gulp-tsc TypeScript compiler for gulp.js

hellojoe Robust automated worker processes in the spirit of Erlang

jr-typescript A JR job for typescript.

jsdocts Creates typescript declarations files from jsDocs

karma-typescript-preprocessor A karma-runner plugin to compile typescript files on the fly.

libjass A library to render ASS subtitles on HTML5 video in the browser.

node-tsc Exposes command line typescript compiler as nodejs module.

node-typescript The TypeScript API exposed to nodejs. Use to compile typescript code in memory

norest Web service helpers for Mach

require-ts require() typescript files.

require-typescript require('require-typescript') lets you load typescript files directly from Node.js. For example: var mymodule = require('./mymodule.ts');

source-compiler Compile javascript transcompilers and css frameworks with one API

sugo Did you ever try polpette al sugo? sugo is a typescript/es6/any possibly other languages like coffeescript debug server, allows to live testing anything that can be transpiled to javascript. this project is meant for fast debugging

ts-compiler TypeScript compilation via the typescript-api

tscc tscc is an wrapper to tsc (TypeScript) compiler. Add an option '--inDir' to keep relative folder structure of input files.

tscd TypeScript compiler daemon (service)

tscw Typescript watch compiler - temporary hotfix for -w parameter on node.js

typescript-api TypeScript API exposed (includes definition file)

typescript-brunch Adds TypeScript support to brunch.

typescript-closure-compiler Patches the TypeScript compiler to generate JSDoc annotations

typescript-compiler Typescript compiler wrapper

typescript-compiler-exposed Tiny wrapper to expose the TypeScript namespace and BatchCompiler class.

typescript-require Node.JS require extension to load TypeScript modules from JS

typescript-watcher A file-watcher for TypeScript, providing common functionality currently missing in the tsc command

typescript-wrapper A simple wrapper to expose the typescript compiler as a nodejs module

typescript.annotations Provides annotation pre-compiler support for Typescript

typescript.api A compiler as a service api enabling nodejs developers to programatically resolve, compile, reflect and run typescript 0.9 source files in memory.

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