Packages depending on uglify-js

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commascript CommaScript is a backwards compatible dialect of JavaScript that provides localized static typing in JavaScript while still feeling like JavaScript.

commonplace Commonplace is the place for reusable components for the Firefox Marketplace (mozilla/fireplace).

compact A JavaScript compacting middleware for express

compile-mw-jade-runtime Jade runtime script middleware built on compile-middleware

compiler-js Merge your JS source files and minify with upglify-js

component-hooks Install ---

component-minify Minify css/js output with uglify-js and clean-css

component-packrat A simple `component` packer

component-process component as a running process

component-uglifyjs UglifyJS plugin for component-builder

compresser compress your entire project

compressingjs compressingjs\n read folder every files and compress files type 'JS'\n concat every letter in the file 'JS'

connect-asset connect middleware for asset compiler

connect-assetmanager-handlers Post and pre hooks for connect-assetmanager.

connect-minify middleware to demand combine and minify resources

connect-sticky Connect middleware to concatenate, minify and serve client-side javascript

connect-uglify-js Middleware for Connect to uglify JavaScript files

constantinople Determine whether a JavaScript expression evaluates to a constant (using UglifyJS)

convoy Pluggable, package-aware asset pipeline for node

coocoo Domain-specific language to create MVC applications

cordjs CordJS Framework Build and Development Tool =========

cordova-js Cordova JavaScript: a unified JavaScript layer for the Cordova suite of projects enabling cross-platform native mobile development of applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

cortex Cortex is an npm-like package manager for the web.

cortex-canary Cortex is an npm-like package manager for the web.

couchdb-tools A library of handy functions for use when working with CouchDB documents.

covreporter a javascript coverage reporter for mocha -r jscoverage

crater A simple crater for node.js apps

crsh crsh your javascript and css into tiny blocks.

crushit CrushIt is a commandline tool for crawling web pages and compiling scripts

cull-build-tools Cull.JS build tools.


de-heredoc Transform "heredoc call" to "string literal" in JavaScript source code before minifications

demodule bundle javascript files into one for the browser

deobfuscate DeObfuscate Js ============================

deployment_groove A utility to simply concatenate and minify files for production, without having a buildstep in development.

deuce Deuce is a developer tool for building serverless web applications with YUI.

dir-compress compress your entire project

discore-watcher build watching utility for component

dist a cli tool and library to create development and production versions for the browser

dist-js-css minify js,css

docpad-plugin-uglify Minify JavaScript in DocPad using UglifyJS

doozer-build An HTML-smart app build process.

dot-middleware doT.js middleware for connect.

dot-packer Precompile, compress, and pack doT.js javascript templates into one file

doushio Real-time imageboard

doverjs DoverJS--Find unused seletor from your style-sheet to DHTML URI jQuery UI DownloadBuilder & ThemeRoller backend and frontend application.

dpm 安装node_modules npm install ./

drive web application framework

droppy Personal cloud storage with a speedy HTML5 interface.

dry-lang Frontend Language

dryice A CommonJS/RequireJS packaging tool for browser scripts

dusterjs A tool to watch and compile a directory of dust.js templates

dxp DXP Web端

easy-bake EasyBake provides an efficient environment for CoffeeScript library developers: CoffeeScript/Javascript-based configuration files (no coding needed), workflow (build, watch, clean, preview) tests (QUnit, Jasime, NodeUnit, server-side emulation with ModuleBundler), publishing (git, npm, NuGet). Replace your Cakefile with a Bakefile today!

easy-mincer easy start mincer

easypack This is a very, very simple build tool to packege the js and css includes in a html file into one combined js and css (optionally minified) files

ecoco Extended COco COmpiler

edp-build Package for edp build

edp-minify edp-minify =======

edpx-crm EDP extension for CRM

ejectcode Node commandline application to make review version of your Frontend project: obfuscate your code for browser view and errorify it for code quality review.

ejs-bundler Bundles many EJS templates into the one file

ejs-crunch Crunches EJS templates into library-independent functions

ejsinbrowser Packages ejs templates as external javascript so they can be rendered in the browser without runtime. By Harald Rudell.

ekam Package builder with includes

ekit-minify Minifier of js, css, html and img (extended from orginial minify package. Checkout at:

electricity An alternative to the built-in Express middleware for serving static files. Electricity follows a number of best practices for making web pages fast.

elegant Open Source, Clean and Flexible NodeJs Web Framework With Beautiful Code, Easy to Learn And All the Power of Node

embedder-sync A simple tool to combine several node modules into a single script.

ember-datafied Easy and simple data layer for Ember.js

ember-gen Ember Generator Applications -----------

ember-handlebars Emberized Handlebars.

ember-handlebars-precompiler Ember.js Handlebars precompiler node module

ember-runner EmberJS preview and build tool for Node.JS

emblem Templating language targeting Handlebars with default Ember.js conventions

emp.ria-jsbuild3 EMP RIA build system

enb Faster BEM tools

encapsulate Really simple Javascript build system. Compile multiple source files into one, based on a build file named 'encapsulate.json' in the working directory.

enchilada middleware for automatic javascript bundles

ender-builder Build assembler for the Ender CLI

ender-minify Interface to UglifyJS Closure Compiler and YUICompressor

enfield Jekyll-like blog engine for node.js

enyo-builder Bundle your enyo project for production times.

eris Eris is a framework-agnostic JavaScript toolkit for building real-world applications.

escher Build tool for escher

esfuzz JS fuzzer for generative testing of parsers that implement the SpiderMonkey Reflect.parse API

evolve library for evolving source code

excess High-Performances Reactive Web Application Framework

express-asset Add a simple asset manager to express for adding and rendering script and style elements.

express-bootstrap ERROR: No file found!

express-bundles A dumb asset bundling middleware for Express

express-cdn Node.js module for delivering optimized, minified, mangled, gzipped, and CDN-hosted assets in Express using S3 and CloudFront.

express-coffee An express middleware to automatically compile and serve coffeescript files.

express-istatic Add compressed inline css and scripts to your html, but write them as seperated files.

express-jsdom Server-side DOM for express

express-livejade Compiles jade templates to javascript functions so jade.js isn't needed client-side

express-minify express-minify is an express middleware that automatically minify your javascript and css files.

express-minify-plus this is a slightly modified version of express-minify (by breezewish) to use nib when compiling stylus and other things in the future

express-stitch Clientside package handling with stitch for express apps.

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