Packages depending on uglify-js

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express-uglify-middleware UglifyJS middleware for Express.

expressito ERROR: No file found!

exstatic Express middleware to help with the bundling, minifying, obfuscating and versioning of static assets for delivery over a CDN.

extract_dep_vars ERROR: No file found!

fabricate Combines mincer and uglify-js to build dependent files and a source map

fack F4 web stack

fajax A tiny ender-wrapper around XMLHttpRequest.

fastworks A Fast Middleware Framework

fe-fu Node js Frontend Environment (Transforms .less files and minifies them, minifies javascript with uglify-js)

feebs Library for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express

feinit A toolkit for Front-end developer

fekit FE Toolkit

fekitvm FE Toolkit

fep front end plantform

ferguson An asset manager

filesum Calculate file size for Javascript files.

fire-ts A template engine for generating code (c,c++,js,java,html,ruby,etc)

fis-optimizer-uglify-js A optimizer for fis to compress js by using uglify-js.

flag-back waitfor -- everything. cbpipe + async-waitfor

flatinator Flattens the build output of component-build to remove calls to require.alias and other junk

flinger Flinger flings logs from your browser clients back to your node servers so you can see what your users are up to.

flint Modern Development Toolkit

flowin Real-time project builder & browser-refresh using node.js

folio Tiny static javascript build and serve utility.

fquery file selection and processing for node

frame5 Frame5 is an attempt creating an HTML5 framework. Under the umbrella standard HTML5 a lot of technological are at play. Frame5's goal is to bring together as many of the specs as it can.

freighter The easiest way to use Sea.js in your node.js project.

front-build build front project

front-pack Build tool for packing static distribution packages. Part of the node-front project.

frosting Task helpers for Cakefiles

fs.js A lightweight wrapper for File System API based on nodejs

fuller-uglify Fuller tool: js uglifying

fuse Command line combiner for fusing mutliple JavaScript or HTML files into one.

fw.mpa _a multi-page web-app and website framework_

g-builder the builder for g.js

g33k-packer Live assets packer with uglify/less/htmlminifier with live reload support

gabby A beautifully simple static site generator.

gardr-validator-web The Web ui for the garðr validator

gd-assets CSS & JS combiner, compressor, and server

gear-lib Collection of common Gear.js tasks

gebo-server Grunt, Express, Bootstrap, OAuth2 agent

gendeps generate your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies. Forked and modified from Patrick's madge.

generator-recroom Takeaway web apps. create and edit maps, on the internet

getsmart-js Middleware for express.js. Compresses, minifies and concats JavaScript and CoffeeScript at runtime.

ginger Spicy templating for node and the browser inspired by Twig, Dust.JS and Hogan.JS

gleeman-express-js JS loader for gleeman-express

glint Glint is an asset (css, js, whatever-you-need) management that helps you organize and manage your client side files

global-leak-hunter Find global leaks using static analysis

goldmine Node command line application that uses coverage to find unused lines in libraries you import into your code. It then removes these unnecessary lines to provide you with a simplified library and hopefully a noticeable difference in the loading time of your webpage.

gonzo The surprisingly simple way to write CouchApps

gozy go crazy

gracie On-the-fly javascript contacatenator, minifier and dependency resolver for client-side JS

grand-central-pipeline A javascript asset pipeline for Node

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

grind Compile your caffeinated languages.

grips grips templating engine

groc Documentation generation, in the spirit of literate programming.

grunt-appolo-compress compress and minify js and css files

grunt-auto-package Creates packages following a structure of folders and with a minimal configuration

grunt-builder Build app with index.html main development file

grunt-cmd-combine Concatenate cmd files

grunt-cmd-combo Concat SeaJS module files.

grunt-cmd-combo2 a grunt plugin for building javascript modules

grunt-cmd-transport Transport javascript into cmd.

grunt-coffee-browserify Compile all your coffeescript assets with grunt

grunt-coffee-build Builds hybrid coffeescript/javascript commonjs projects to run anywhere transparently(amd, commonjs or plain browser load), generating combined source maps and optionally browserifying dependencies.

grunt-combopage It's a tool for combo and min the html file, and it could minfiy the remotet css files and js files. all the content could be merged to one file!

grunt-compresspage compress Page including css js html

grunt-contrib-coffee-browserify Compile all your coffeescript assets with grunt

grunt-contrib-compressor compress files and mixed file.

grunt-contrib-genstatic generate static files according to html

grunt-contrib-pack complie and pack seajs module

grunt-contrib-uglify Minify files with UglifyJS.

grunt-crane static file builder set

grunt-crane-builder Grunt Crane Builder

grunt-crane-javascript Builder for grunt-crane, which build and compress javascript files.

grunt-crane-uglify Builder for grunt-crane, which uglify when --compress

grunt-dapper Rollups + Dependency Management

grunt-django-compressor A Grunt plugin to iterate over every html file in a Django project and compress javascripts and stylesheets.

grunt-dolphin-optimizer Optimize tvs files utilizing "uglify-js", "clean-css" and "html-minifier", resolve all the resource paths referred by the files and output files ready to deploy

grunt-dpm #安装 npm install

grunt-fenbi-tasks Grunt tasks used by

grunt-frontend CSS and JS minifier that respects source modification

grunt-grunticon A mystical CSS icon solution

grunt-grunticon-highrespng A mystical CSS icon solution - with high resolution PNG support. This is a modification of the project 'grunt-grunticon' from filamentgroup.

grunt-handlebars-compiler Grunt task to precompile Handlebars.js templates with same options as the CLI utility

grunt-iconify-test web font, spritesheet & data uri generator

grunt-ifbuild replace resource to cdn resource path.

grunt-image-preload The best Grunt for preload images

grunt-imweb IMWEB Tasks Collection For Daily Workflow.

grunt-inline Inlines <img>, <script> and <link> tags into the same file.

grunt-jstools support javascript merge, each compress, all in compress, each beautify, all in beautify, each obfuscation, all in obfuscation, etc...

grunt-jw-uglify Minify files with UglifyJS.

grunt-license-collection generate license comment collection js.

grunt-lodashbuilder Build your Lo-Dash experience with grunt

grunt-lottery grunt plugin for lottery

grunt-minified A grunt plugin to minify given JavaScript files

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