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active-markdown A tool for generating reactive documents from markdown source.

adclient ldapjs client for authentication with active directory

airlift AirLift-for-Node is a code generation framework for node.js. It draws inspiration from the original Airlift for Google's App Engine.

albot Automated Leverage Box Operation Tool

allium Simpler Gherkin parsing

alpha_simprini Core libraries for Alpha Simprini based applications. A platform to facilitate the building of experiences in the Internet of Everything.

ambulance MongoDB restore from S3 to remote database

anvil.csslint CSSLint plugin for anvil.js

anvil.jshint JSHint plugin for anvil.js

anvil.jslint JSLint plugin for anvil.js

apostrophe Apostrophe is a user-friendly content management system. This core module of Apostrophe provides rich content editing and essential facilities to integrate Apostrophe into your Express project. Apostrophe also includes simple facilities for storing your r

appium Automation for Apps.

archimedes A simple ORDFM

argparse Very powerful CLI arguments parser. Native port of argparse - python's options parsing library

assemble Static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. Used by Zurb Foundation, Zurb Ink, H5BP/Effeckt, Less.js /, Topcoat, Web Experience Toolkit, and hundreds of other projects to build sites, themes, components, documentation, blogs and gh-pages.

assemble-contrib-permalinks Permalinks plugin for Assemble, the static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. This plugin enables powerful and configurable URI patterns, [Moment.js]( for parsing dates, much more.

atbar Async callback manager for javascript in nodejs and browser

auto-grunt A task-based command line auto build tool for static resource.

avoscloud-code AVOS Cloud Code SDK.

avoscloud-code-mock-sdk AVOSCloud Cloud Code Mock SDK.!

bace A web-based ACE editor controlled by server-side scripts.

backbone-diorama A client-side web application framework designed for rapid development, using opinionated backbone pattern generators

bacl Simple, fast and secure node ACL

bagetjs Модуль для автоматической генерации js кода

beetea-server beetea is a super lightweight framework to build APIs with stantdard and custom REST and security policies

behere Node framework with plugin support for easy development... more like an aggregator.

biscotto A CoffeeScript documentation generator.

biwascheme A practical Scheme interpreter written in JavaScript

bowinst Automatically install Bower component references into your HTML or Javascript files.

bpmn BPMN 2.0 execution engine

bruno_hubot-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

buildtools Utilities for use in Jake/Cake/Coke build files.

burst-trie burst trie impl in js

caboose Rails-ish MVC Framework in Coffeescript

caboose-sql SQL models for caboose based on sequelize

cf-webservice-base cf-webservice-base ==================

chameleon-template Admin Revamp ============

changeprocessor Compares objects and runs appropriate code for each change found (node.js).

cheerio-repl A REPL for interacting with DOMs using Cheerio

chocolate-factory Repeatedly run mocha test with varied parameters

chrome2calltree convert chrome CPU profiles to callgrind formatted files

chromext chrome extension bootstrap with coffee, jade and stylus

cineteca Un scraper para el sitio de la Cineteca Nacional de México

claire-files A claire-voyant fuzzy file finder.

clever Node.js library for interacting with the Clever API

cnt_newsletters The best project ever.

coach Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js

codo A CoffeeScript documentation generator.

coffee-script-to-typescript Mmm, static types

coffee2closure Fix CoffeeScript compiled output for Google Closure Compiler

columbo Framework agnostic, automagical RESTful resource discoverer

component-console Port of Symfony2 Console component

compylr Compile angular apps to run on your server

conjur-hubot-scripts Some useful hubot scripts.

connect-rest Exceptionally featureful RESTful web services middleware for Connect.

core-framework-cli CLI para o core-framework

core.js Core utils library

couchdb-model A simple CouchDB abstraction for NodeJS built on [nano](

cover Native JavaScript code coverage

crab Hacking Appcelerator Titanium applications with CoffeeScript, Haml, Jade, Scss, Sass and Less.

crunchbase-cli simple command line interface for communicating with the crunchbase api

csr-gen Generates OpenSSL Certificate Signing Requests

Cuber Rubik's cube model and solver.

cucumber The official JavaScript implementation of Cucumber.

db-kit Easy life ORM for node

dbeasy Promise-based wrapper for postgresql driver that makes easy what should be easy while protecting your foot.

deferred-exec Deferred based tool to run exec commands

deploy-it 远程部署工具

derby-ui-infinite-scroll A Derby component for infinite scrolling

derby-ui-select2 A Derby component for the select2.js jQuery plugin.

derby-util A utility belt for Derby.

diap Dependancy Injection with routing support for ExpressJs project

domo-kun The most awesome thing ever

dynamic-module-loader dynamic-module-loader [![Build Status](]( =====================

dynamo-flu Fluent interface for dynamo db

ebook-crawler Download ebook data from amazon, douban, duokan

ejs-shrink Monkey-patches EJS to remove comments and extraneous whitespace before parsing

ele A DOM-driven MVC application framework.

env-config env-config reads configuration for twelve-factor-apps from environment variables

envv Environments for client-side code: execute or skip code depending on whether you're deploying to a production server or just developing.

escape_escape_escape My way of escaping HTML.

ets It extracts all strings to translate and saves them in a file.

everglade A naïve HL7 scrubber which attempts to remove personal information from a file containing messages.

exctrl Flexible controllers for express.js apps

express-cdn Node.js module for delivering optimized, minified, mangled, gzipped, and CDN-hosted assets in Express using S3 and CloudFront.

express-resource-plus Provides RESTful routes for resources.

ExpressMVC An MVC framework that should be familiar tenough to PHP developers to allow them to get up and running very quickly."

extract-components This is a proof-of-concept. some quick and dirty utils for extracting UI components from HTML using CSS selectors.

facebook-complete This is a complete port of the facebook sdk from authentication to multi part form posting. Based on the work of criso found here:

faf Fast and Furious. Node.js framework for rapid development of real-time single-page web applications.

falcon Kohana inspired web development framework

FastLegS PostgreSQL ORM on top of node-postgres

fekit FE Toolkit

fekitvm FE Toolkit

fg-lodash Lodash + my own mixins

file-manifest Require all the files in a directory into a single object

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