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28 Command line utility to download and upload queries.

2lemetry 2lemetry toolkit.

4chan 4chan picture downloader

4square-venues Simple module for adding, editing or searching Foursquare Venues via the API

7digital-api 7digital API client for nodeJS

7geese The 7Geese command line utility.

abac Attribute based access control for Node.js.

abac-mongodb MongoDB back-end for ABAC and Node.js.

abc-gruntfile-helper Helpers to easier the configuration of gruntfile for ABC

abcdefghijson Javascript object keys have no defined ordering. But sometimes you'd like to serialize JSON keys in an order that is human-friendly, like for an API doc. abcdefghijson is your solution.

abhispeak Finally, lorem ipsum worth reading.

accountant Double Entry Accounting

acetic an asset (pre-)compilation engine for node.js and express

acid A rails flavored asset pipeline based on piler

acmcc-node-spritesheet Sprite sheet generator for node.js

acs Appcelerator Server Side Node

acs-dev Appcelerator Server Side Node

acs-qe Appcelerator Server Side Node

acsjin Appcelerator Server Side Node

act An animation engine for the canvas and dom

action-at-a-distance Use to drive CasperJS

action-controller basic rails-like controller

active-markdown A tool for generating reactive documents from markdown source.

active-sender A node.js library for sending e-mail through multiple providers.

active-user Easily track daily, weekly, and monthly active users with Redis.

activedirectory ActiveDirectory is an ldapjs client for authN (authentication) and authZ (authorization) for Microsoft Active Directory with range retrieval support for large Active Directory installations.

activenode-monitor Instrumentation library for Node.js applications that use Express/connect

activeobject An interface for JSON objects for updating, deleting, inserting and creating properties.

activities Traverse the application stack with managed state lifecycle.

activity Activity Manager for any kind of statuses based on ids

activity-engine WARNING: This project is still in alpha, use with caution.

activity-streams-mongoose Activity Streams Engine using MongoDB(Mongoose odm) and Redis

adafruit-i2c-pwm-driver node.js /i2c control for the Adafruit PWM servo driver

adage-tools Adage Technologies Tools

adal-node Windows Azure Active Directory Client Library for node

adapt-core adapt namespace core

adb-cli a nodejs wrapper for adb to enable multi device support

adc-pi-gpio Using an ADC with a Pi

addc finds clusters in data using the AddC online clustering algorithm with gaussian kernel

address-validator Validate street addresses via google's geocoding API. Get back valid addresses with lat/lon coords and a set of inexact matches

adi-github Get a list of repos

admin-forms2 backoffice with mongoose

admin-with-forms admin for mongoose and not mongoose projects which uses forms

adorn Backbone.Model formatting extension

adultcentro api wrapper for adultcentro

advtxt An engine for text-based adventure games.

ae-github A higher-level wrapper around the Github API.

ae-rekuire 'rekuire' is basically node's 'require' without the relative paths

aestimia-client A client for the Aestimia API

agentvsagent Agent vs Agent

agfl-generate Generator using agfl grammar

agile-workflow a super agile workflow engine

agileworkflow a super agile workflow engine

ags-download Download data from ArcGIS server as geoJSON

ah-auth-plugin Stateless authentication plugin using JSON Web Token for actionhero API Server

aiml Artificial Intelligence Markup Language lib for Node.js

air-drop Utility for packaging, manipulating and delivering JS and CSS source to the browser

airfair A tool for getting a fair fare.

airlift AirLift-for-Node is a code generation framework for node.js. It draws inspiration from the original Airlift for Google's App Engine.

airve static latest version URIs for development

ajax Utilities for loading JSON and XML.

ajector Asynchronous dependency injector


ajs-xgettext Extract localised text from AJS templates

ak-rest minimalistic Akiban REST driver for node.js

akamai Communication with Akamai's CCUAPI

ake A build tool

aktualnivozy-api Node.js promise based wrapper over AktualniVozy API.

akui Personal way of testing a web app ui.

alamid Framework for realtime apps that run both on the server and the client.

albot Automated Leverage Box Operation Tool

alexa Amazon Alexa Web Information Service API

alfred-filter CLI for parsing JSON to Alfred's XML Filter

algebra Vectors, Matrices, Tensors

algolia-search Algolia search client.

aliaser Aliaser is a CLI tool to manage aliases for commands in Mac OS X.

allium Simpler Gherkin parsing

allouis-core allouis namespace core

alpha Node API doc search

alpha_simprini Core libraries for Alpha Simprini based applications.

alscan-js An access log scanner. A platform to facilitate the building of experiences in the Internet of Everything.

amazon-associate amazon-associate is a simple interface to amazon associate reports for nodejs

amazon-book-search Code Challenge

amazon-ses Simple Amazon SES Mailer

ambulance MongoDB restore from S3 to remote database

amd-doc Documentation generator for AMD-based projects

amdbuilder Build amd modules tosingle module.

amdee Converting CommonJS modules into AMD format

amdify Amdify converts your node.js code into browser-compatible code. For example

amoeba-storybook Amoeba Storybook is a package used to create animated css3 presentations

ampersand CLI tool for generating single page apps a. la.

ampersand-collection-underscore-mixin A mixin for extending ampersand-collection with underscore methods.

ampersand-model ampersand-model helps you create observable models for your apps. Most commonly in clientside frameworks, your models are what hold data fetched from your API. But really, it's all about having a way to separate concerns. Your models should be your author

ampersand-router Clientside router with fallbacks for browsers that don't support pushState. Mostly lifted from Backbone.js.

ampersand-state An observable, extensible state object with derived watchable properties.

ampersand-subcollection Filterable, sortable, proxy of a collection that behaves like a collection.

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