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baleen Uses parsicle to create binary parsers and serializers for keratin data.

drawing Matterhorn drawing utilities

fparse Simple flat binary format built on a subset of the keratin schema format.

indexfilestream Uses segmentedfile to provide a efficient, garbage-collecting key->value map with streaming read.

jsonds The most agile, unscalable data store possible - a JSON blob periodically flushed to disk.

jsonds2 A complete redesign of jsonds, with the same philosophy but a more scalable architecture.

keratin A specialization of the myrtle parser/format, allowing the specification of non-recursive types and their properties, lists, and maps.

matterhorn Formalizes a way of building web applications atop the express framework.

matterhorn-standard Matterhorn wrapper for a set of common third-party libraries, with some extensions and utilities.

matterhorn-user User management for the matterhorn framework.

matterhorn-user-minnow User management for the matterhorn framework, with minnow as the database.

minnow An auto-syncing, in-memory-canonical relational database

miscdatastructures A small collection of data structures for node.js, especially an efficient means for maintaining and updating sets.

parsicle A library for creating serializers and deserializers for JSON-like schema.

segmentedfile Provides a segmented file abstraction for e.g. db development.

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