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bitcoin-tools Bitcoin Tools =============

caesar An easy-to-use advanced cryptography library.

chef Access the Opscode Chef Server API from Node

chef-api A simple chef server api wrapper

fh-security FeedHenry Security Library

figaro simple configuration of sensitive information on open source projects

generator-travis-ci Yeoman generator that sets up travis-ci to do automated github pages deployment on every commit.

jsjws Wraps jsjws ( so it works on Node.js and uses ursa for performance

jwt-encode-decode-app JSON Web Token (JWT) Bearer Token Encoding and Decoding App.

kk-payment-kypay kk-payment-kypay

lockbox Simple, strong encryption.

minecraft-protocol Parse and serialize minecraft packets, plus authentication and encryption.

node-noobcrypt Node module providing easy methods for encryption.

nodetunes AirTunes v2 Music Server

payswarm PaySwarm Authority client library.

pemcrypt Read and write secure encrypted files

ppverifier pp helper verification

qiwi Client for QIWI

rejewski [![Marian Rejewski](](

rsa-stream encrypt/decrypt rsa with streams

secure-config Configure node apps with plain and encrypted JSON files

secure-yaml-config YAML based configuration file management with support for public key encryption for values

seneca-crypto-sign microservice for signing information (both HMAC and pub/priv key signing)

simple-crypt Simple and easy-to-use encryption and signing module

simple-encrypt Wrap a well known encryption library into it's simplest use cases.

steam Lets you interface with Steam without running an actual Steam client

survana A framework for creating and deploying questionnaires

survana-admin Survana administration module

survana-store Survana store module

survana-study Survana study module

telehash-cs2a CipherSet 2a for telehash

toque API wrapper for Chef Server

travis-encrypt Encrypts data for use in your travis-ci yml configuration file

votifier-client Server list module for sending votes to Votifier servers

wgu-jwt wgu-jwt

zmq-soa zmq-soa =======

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