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asana-api A nodejs client implementation for Asana API

asana-api-oauth A nodejs client implementation for Asana API with OAuth

assembly build tool to assemble client side javascript projects

bevy A simple server to manage multiple Node services

broadway Lightweight application extensibility and composition with a twist of feature reflection.

bullet A simple lightweight MVC with express

cocoafish node.js wrapper for Cocoafish

composer-api composer API client wrapper

conservatory-api conservatory API client wrapper

contour Front-end scaffolding utility

cootie A simple multi-application manager for VPSs.

director-reflector Reflects [request]( based HTTP client API wrappers from [Director]( routers. Requires **no** additional configuration and is compatible with any existing `Director.Router` instance.

drop-auth Express addon for Dropbox authentication.

dynode node.js client for Amazon's DynamoDB

evented-forever Forever CLI extended with an "--eventFile" option to catch events (stop, restart...) through a file with listeners

flipflop ezmode geek blogging, like wearing sandals

forever A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

forever-binom A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

forever-mac A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

forever-monitor Core forever process monitor

forever-monitor-harmony Core forever process monitor

forever-remote Remote access to forever using dnode

forever-win Windows fork of forever, a simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

formful Reflect HTML forms from [Resourceful]( resources.

godot Godot is a streaming real-time event processor written in node.js

graph-store-client NodeJS SPARQL Client Supporting SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol & SPARQL 1.1 Protocol using Q promises

grunt-package-environment Swap package.json depending on specified environment

haibu-api A collection of client wrappers for haibu's core api

hater hater.js ========

hoganyam hogan-js template middleware and render function

httpp-proxy A full-featured httpp reverse proxy for node.js

jerry get infos from a webpage

koala.js Better anti-csrf middleware for connect

minimize Minimize HTML

moar $PAGER abstraction for node

modesl FreeSWITCH ESL Node.js Implementation

mutil utility functions for node.js, including: interpolate, toArray, size, type, capitalise, isUrl, toString, slice

natman Forward public external ports to internal local area network ports without touching your router.

nerox Module to automate downloading github repositories

nosqlite human readable nosql type filesystem json store

pedant A vows macro for adding a jshint step to your tests

penv A package.json enviroment manager

pkgcloud An infrastructure-as-a-service agnostic cloud library for node.js

prompt A beautiful command-line prompt for node.js

quill-tar Utility functions for packing and unpacking quill `system` tarballs

quill-template Reusable templating and environment logic for applying configuration to system.json packages.

restful Restful routing using resourceful and director.

rpi-tool RaspberryPi tool

seafish-http-proxy-meteor A full-featured http reverse proxy use node.js for meteor

socketful creates event maps for resourceful.

speed-dial A CLI bookmarking & shortcuts utility

stackexchange Node.js implementation of the stackexchange/stackoverflow API

stork-odm Stork provides a layer of document management over the CouchDB.

system.json Package management for any OS with semver, JSON, configuration and friends.

viewful # Overview

vock VoIP on node.js 0.8.x

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