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jsreport javascript based business reporting

jsv-easy JSV made easy

jungles-validators Validators for jungles-validation.

kabam-plugin-private-message Kabam plugin with rest api for sending private messages between users - dialog style

katana Easy to use, modular web framework for any Node.js samurai.

konzilo_webservice Run instances of the konzilo web service

l Web application framework for linking everything together

LazyBoy A object document mapper for couchdb

lazyBum A simple RESTful web framework for Node.js.

limby Server framework for modular applications

livefyre Livefyre NodeJS utility classes

lottery Devoxx 'Web Tambouille' Contest 2012

mailchecker Cross-language temporary (disposable/throwaway) email detection library. Covers hundreds fake email providers.

mailtruck POST route to email address

mantis Multi-page application (MPA) framework

massive-git Revision database that implements Git Object Model

mhd IHE MHD profile service facade for node.js

model-brighthas model for javascript

mongoose-avalidator A mongoose plugin utilizing node-validator.

mongoose-filter A filter for mongoose

mongoose-forms Mongoose forms using Handlebars

mongoose-validate Additional Validation functions for your mongoose schema.

mongoose-validator Validators for mongoose models utilising node-validator

mongules Mongoose DRY model validator

mturk Amazon Mechanical Turk API wrapper for Node

mu-url micro url service

mucontent A multisite, multilanguage, modulare and scalable CMS

mysql-warp Simple ORM for MySQL on Node.js

nexa an RPC mechanism to declare and call APIs with node and express.

node-api-message node-api-message

node-elasticinbox Very simple wrapper.

node-jot DEPRECATED - Jot has evolved into Apostrophe. Use the apostrophe module instead for your rich content editing and management needs.

node-restify-validation Validation for REST Services built with [node-restify]( in node.js A distributed data scraping and processing framework for node.js

nodejs-model A simple, minimalistic object model for nodejs

nodemail A simple web-mail base on nodejs.

nodeportal Portal based cms written in node.js provides useful features through Node.js modules chosen for the performance and productivity gains.

nodize Nodize is a CMS (Content Management System) for Node.js, written in CoffeeScript.

npm-mirror npm-mirror ==========

npm-onupdate CLI for service

nvalidator Simple Node.js validator

obj-validator validate JSON object with node-validator

opd-validate Open Place Database Validation

openrecord Active record like ORM for nodejs

openvz OpenVZ wrapper for NodeJS

passport-nus NUSNET authentication strategy for Passport.

patio Patio query engine and ORM

pdfmiweb-pdf-client Simplifies communications to the API to in Node.js

pillar Web framework for node.js

pivotal API library for PivotalTracker

plex-control Controlling Plex clients through the Plex Media Server HTTP API

proftpd-manager Gestion des utilisateurs et groupes de votre serveur ProFTPd via interface web

pulsar-rest-api REST API for executing Pulsar tasks. Version 0.2.4 This provides an HTTP interface to Unless you are programmatically calling, console is the only interface you care.

query-builder SQL query builder for ORM

query-validator Mongo like query system for param/field validations on NodeJS.

rapid_express Rapid Wrapper for express

recliner A schema/model factory for couchDB

resanitize Regular expression-based HTML sanitizer and ad remover, geared toward RSS feed descriptions

restify-validator Restify middleware for the validator module.

restify-validator2 Restify middleware built on top of the validator package.

riding-web Riding-web [![Build Status](]( ======

ripple-core Ripple is an interactive audience response system that allows presenters to survey audience members in real time communication through their mobile devices.

ripple-gateway This software is a database-backed web server that serves as a back end for Ripple Gateway applications. A HTTP/JSON erver, Javascript library, and CLI are provided as interfaces to a deployed gateway.

ripple-gateway-api This software is a database-backed web server that serves as a back end for Ripple Gateway applications.

rolodex Node account management system using redis

roose Extremely simple, promise based Redis object modeling tool.

rzr full-stack node.js application framework

salad [![Build Status](](

satisfic A data validator by specification.

schema-org A node.js library that retrieves, parses and provides all schemas from

scraperbelt Utility belt for web scraping.

seeif Chainable validation based on `validator`, `lodash`, `moment` and `type-detect` with syntax almost looks like chai.js combine with sync or async report and non 'throw' ing things around so that you don't have to 'try' and 'catch'.

sequel A Database Modeler for Node; designed to help you produce easy-to-read, maintainable code. Works with MySQL and SQLite.

sequelize Multi dialect ORM for Node.JS

sequelize-native-mysql Multi dialect ORM for Node.JS

shellyjs Synchonous and Asynchronous API server over HTTP, WebSockets, and TCP

shrink A simple and fast URL shortener for node

smartcore nodejs-based smart platform

sn-rlsnet standart-n project

sn-sms A simple CLI tool for work with sms in standart-n automation

socket-express When realtime and stateless HTTP together, live happily ever after. HMVC framework built on top of Primus and Express.js for Node.js, inspired somehow by the simplicity of PHP Kohana framework (sorry, not another Rails clone for Node for you)

socket-redis Redis to SockJS relay

springbokjs Springbok JS Framework

sprobe Server monitoring tool.

sql-cli Cross platform command line interface for SQL Server

sqlbox Simple non-joining, non-ORM SQL (Postgres, MySQL) database interface. Still Alpha.

sqlize MySQL ORM for Node.JS

square-validation Validates and sanitizes objects. Has middleware for with express.js

starch starch ======

strict-method strict method

strider Brilliant continuous deployment platform

suit Super simple object validation.

swac-odm [![NPM](]( [![Build Status](]( [![Dependency Status](](

swiz Serialization and Validation Framework for objects in RESTful APIs A caching server for easily writing transformations against remote resources: munge, reformat, scrape, cache and rebroadcast stuff.

talkbox A minimalistic webchat with xmpp-connect

thinair PITA-less Web Development Framework built with Node.js

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