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api-easy Fluent (i.e. chainable) syntax for generating vows tests against RESTful APIs.

api.js Framework for HTTP REST APIs

app.js Packages Node modules as browser apps.

asset_builder build, concatenate, and compress assets

asyncevents Extension to EventEmitter to facilitate asynchronous firing of events, and asynchronous handling of those events.

aws evil wrapper for the amazon command line tools

barricane-db A NodeJS-based in-process database.

bookmarkletify From a single javascript file, create a bookmarklet

bower-archive The browser package manager.

bower-require The browser package manager.

brainfuck A Brainfuck interpreter running on node.js

breti-ics665-expressjs This is a Hello World script for ICS 665.

broke Vowsjs layer for flexible unit and integration tests.

checkapi Check api results

cli-easy Fluent (i.e. chainable) syntax for generating vows tests against CLI tools.

coercive An intuitive interface for type coercion and data cleanup

coffee-toaster Minimalist build system for CoffeeScript.

compute-cluster Local process cluster management for distributed computation

concentric Improves OOP with interfaces and base classes

connect-security Authentication and authorization middleware for Connect.

converjon An on-the-fly image conversion service

cradle-fixed the high-level, caching, CouchDB library

crafity-log4js Port of Log4js to work with node and crafity-logging.

cube A system for analyzing time series data using MongoDB and Node.

curator A flexible process monitoring and management framework.

databank Abstraction layer for JSON storage

datetime Date and time formatting

dbaseics Database Basics

dbond-plates Unobtrusive templating for the flatiron framework

distinguishable Distinguishable random string generator

duplex-stream Composable streams. Present a distinct readable stream and a distinct writable stream as a single Stream for reading/writing.

dysf.utils Custom dysfunctional utilities for node.js

emailify Make HTML pages email-safe

ensure node.js testing made easy

express-mongoose-api-seed - - - ###### *Remove this for your project*

facebook-complete This is a complete port of the facebook sdk from authentication to multi part form posting. Based on the work of criso found here:

fastcgi-stream Fast FastCGI Stream wrapper for reading/writing FCGI records.

forerunner-queue-tests Test suite for custom forerunner queues

forerunner-store-tests forerunner-store-tests ===

gizmo Simple Javascript object system

gracie On-the-fly javascript contacatenator, minifier and dependency resolver for client-side JS

guava Push for mongodb

handlebars-compile-plugin Handlebars plugin for the YUI 3 shifter build tool.

hive-cache A caching tool for node

http-proxy-no-line-184-error A full-featured http reverse proxy for node.js, minus that error.

icing Dependency management for cake command.

itunes An implementation of the iTunes API in NodeJS

jazzy Web framework which makes your apps swing

jheri-curl JSON Lint + CURL

js-loader On-the-fly javascript contacatenator, minifier and dependency resolver for client-side JS

jStat Statistical Library for JavaScript

judy Judy Arrays Implemented in Node.js

jwcrypto JavaScript implementation of JSON Web Signatures and JSON Web Tokens, especially as needed by BrowserID.

key-gen Simple key generation tool written in node.js using Hmac algorithm

kiss.js Web framework for node.js in CoffeeScript. Simple and sexy.

knid Quickly post things to couchdb

kyuri a cucumber implementation with a few extra asynchronous keywords. supports 160+ languages and exports to VowsJS stubs

levenshtein-deltas A module for working out levenshtein deltas.

linkshare An implementation of the LinkShare WebServices API in NodeJS

logtofile A simple log writer. Rotation and compression (gzip) are supported.

markdom Markdown parser based on upskirt

masstransit node.js adapter for MassTransit Service Bus

mech-png Basic PNG encoder. Building PNG by adding custom chunks and bitmap data.

memstore In-memory key/value data storage with simple map

meta-test framework for writing unit test frameworks

mill-cli papermill CLI tool

mylocker A personal enterprise data locker

nerve Nerve blogging platform

netasqsyslog Syslog for NETASQ security appliances

node-hkdf HKDF key derivation function

node-torrent Bittorrent client for node.js.

noflo-test NoFlo component testing library

norris-fs Extra utilities to manipulate the file system, like an evil boss

nosql-thin A thin wrapper around MongoDB -- NOT AN ORM

parstream Client for parstreams JSON interface

passgen Password generator

passport-assembla Assembla authentication strategy for Passport.

pedant A vows macro for adding a jshint step to your tests

pingdom Pingdom JSON API library

pingdom-client Pingdom API Client

qr A small library to generate QR codes with libqrencode.

rabblescay Uses regex-based search patterns to help find words.

redis-mq A message queue utilizing redis' pub/sub system

redisfs Utility for moving files in and out of Redis

rogue Rogue Framework

saimonmoore-cradle the high-level, caching, CouchDB library - This version disables automatic conflict handling when saving documents

sandcli Command line interface for sandjs, dependencies server and package requirement in node

sayndo Fast and flexible web server with customized routing and authorization.

screw-node-static node-static for arcabouco-js

sculptor Library for sculpting "framework/language agnostic" BDD tests

seance Generic session manager. Fork of git://

session Generic session manager (i.e. not depending on cookies or socket connection, etc.)

smarter-buffer Adds smarterConcat method the Node.js Buffer object that ignores null and undefined list items

soda-runner Runner for sodaJS

soundcloud-node SoundCloud API + Node.js

soundclouder SoundCloud API for Node.js

southbay Cocoa-inspired key-value coding, binding, and observing for node

Spot Http Rest Client

streamers Stream classes library

sum text summarization utility

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