Packages depending on vows

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survana A framework for creating and deploying questionnaires

survana-admin Survana administration module

survana-study Survana study module

swarm It cannot possibly go wrong

table Node Tables

tabler Access relational and NoSQL database backends using a generic SQL-inspired table interface with data integrity checks (SimpleDB and JSON file available)

testrunner Runs Vows unit test.

tiers Web framework built on coffee-script.

trentm-datetime Date and time formatting (a fork to publish fixes to npm)

trialcore Trialcode core Javascript Utilities

uberand A wrapper for the quantum random number generator by Chris Bumgardner (@chrisbumgardner).

UnderscoreKit A port of Haskell's standard prelude to Javascript

vows-at Even less redundant vows

vows-batch-retry Add on to vows to add addBatchRetry command

vows-bdd A BDD wrapper for Vows, allowing for easy writing of tests in a given-when-then format

vows-fluent A fluent chaining API on top of vows

vows-reporters A collection of vows reporters that supports concurrent instances of each type.

webmetrics Webmetrics JSON API library

wunderapi Test your APIs with stories written in Markdown

xtendme xtendme

zinc API wrapper

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