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always-test a simple, full-featured, javascript testing framework

angela Command-line interface tool to test Web applications from the command-line. The tool runs suites of tests written with Jasmine in some Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, PhantomJS, Android) using WebDriver.

ape API documentation generator with github-flavored-markdown output

asis A Simple Image Server

assetify Node client-side asset manager tool

automated-screenshot-diff Automated Screenshot Diff - Continuous Safe Deployment Made Easy

bower-clean Remove files (e.g. docs, tests, etc.) from installed bower component. For matching it uses minimatch.

brewer Asset compilation/packaging/compression utility

broccoli-template-builder Compile client-side templates into 1 JavaScript file.

bumble A very simple blog

butterknife Spread the awesome blend of Grunt.js, Travis and Sauce

cakehelper Utility library for easing the setup of a projects cake tasks.

cargomaster Intelligent, fast and reliable asset management for Express on Node.js

chococupcake Command line helper

ciao Ciao is a simple command line utility for testing http(s) requests and generating API documentation

codebricks node-codebricks ===============

coffee-distiller Merge and minify server side coffee-script files with fake CJS wrappers. This tool is useful for developers who want to distribute a SERVER SIDE coffee-script app in the form of single javascript file.

coffee-fast-compile Module for fast compilation whole directories with very simple API

compn Create symlinks from components/ folder to node_modules/

crox Crox is a high performance cross-language template engine, written by the JavaScript.

cuke-tree A hierarchical Cucumber test report generator and IDE.

dactyloscope Dead-simple asset fingerprinting for Express.js.

definer Easiest module system

depp Dependency Parser

docco-husky Generated static project documentation primarily for node.js projects. A fork of Docco

docco-next Fork of docco with a lot of advanced features

docpad-plugin-prezip Docpad plugin to precompress files.

downpress Downpress is simple, fast and lightweight generator of static websites.

dpnd automagical package.json dependency determination

dupes A command line tool for finding duplicate files

dweb A debugging web server that auto-reloads pages on local modifications.

easy A general-purpose namespace container designed to help you better organize your components

easy-route a simple router for express.js

ember-gen Ember Generator Applications -----------

ember-tools Ember Tools -----------

exif_stream Turn photos into a data stream.

express-boost Gamify/Boost Express development

express-cdn Node.js module for delivering optimized, minified, mangled, gzipped, and CDN-hosted assets in Express using S3 and CloudFront.

expressling Expressling

faux-knox-2 Mock requests to knox module using file system

find-files find-files searches for file names that contain the supplied search term

findir findir searches for a directory with a given name

fireball A very simple image host

fs.extra fs.move and fs.copy for Node.JS

fwords List of function words for different languages.

gamify Gamify/Boost Express development

gapserver a server for building out phonegap apps

generator-kpm kissy gallery generator

generator-ng-require A generator for Yeoman

gertie A compiler for Node Webkit

git-export-file Export (from a git repo) a particular revision of the specified file(s). Defaults to the last revision in which each file was changed.

google-image-chart google-image-chart

goorm Cloud based Integrated Development Enviroment.

graphdat-relay Hosts one or more Graphdat Plugins

grunt-auto-package Creates packages following a structure of folders and with a minimal configuration

grunt-tap Tmall assets build tool.

gulp-bower Install Bower packages.

hapi-advisories Hapi plugin to deal with advisiories on

hashdir Hashes content in directory and returning object with file structure and hashes (useful in tests)

hbs Express.js template engine plugin for Handlebars

hbs-utils A set of helpers and utility functions useful when using hbs in an express app.

honk-cake ![Honk! Cake!]( Filesystem Watcher hook for

infrastructure npm install infrastructure

injector Dependency injection for Nodejs apps and unit testing.

jaribu a simple, full-featured, JavaScript testing framework

joopl-analyzer Analyzes jOOPL-based OOP JavaScript and creates a dependency map which is used to asynchronously-load dependencies behind the scenes!

jott Minimum viable blog generator. Markup in Jade. Static HTML output.

js_scaffold The JS_Scaffold is easy make to javascript module for Node.js, JavaScript.

jscomplexity JS cyclomatic complexity report generator

jsttojs A node.js module for precompile JavaScript templates (ex. mustache or jQuery.tmpl) to one file

jsttojs-cmd fork from grunt-jsttojs, add additional option to change AMD keyword (change 'define' keyword to anything)

jsttojs-cmd2 fork from jsttojs, add additional option to change AMD keyword (change 'define' keyword to anything) and precompile jquery-tmpl template

jsxgettext-recursive Recursively search and extract gettext strings

kissy KISSY

louis A distressingly simple static site generator for S3.

markitup a simple markdown to html converter with syntax highlighting

mbsymfix Resymlinks MediaBox db in a way that's iTunes-compatible.

mediacenterjs A NodeJS based mediacenter for your browser

mediatags Tools extracting for media meta-data tags

meteor-messageformat CLI tools for Meteor MessageFormat smart package

minify-html-css-js Minify js , css and html file

mvjs Move js files and update all requires automatically.

node-flatpages Flask-FlatPages for Node.js

node-gallery NodeJS Photo Gallery using directory structure & exif info to output a gallery

node-step analyse and explore STEP (ISO 10303) file format with node

nvconvert A simple command line node.js video conversion with ffmpeg

onepage Static one-page site generator

pdf-extract Node PDF is a set of tools that takes in PDF files and converts them to usable formats for data processing. The library supports both extracting text from searchable pdf files as well as performing OCR on pdfs which are just scanned images of text

persistent-refresh Automatically reloads page in browser when something modified under folder watched.

proto-cli A front-end web prototyping tool, combining markup, style, and script into a served, rendered page.

rapid_express Rapid Wrapper for express

rasta Multiple pages with metadata from a folder of markdown files

rendr-cli A CLI for Rendr

replacedoc Replace all JsTestDriver DOC comments to use a simple javascript function to inject HTML in pages.

restytest Define and test specs for a REST API

richardparker Simple template engine for two way bindings

s3ssm S3 Static Site Manager

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