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basin Deploy sites to Amazon S3

build An ant-like build program for node

cachy-filesystem Filesystem based storage for cachy caches

cloudfiles-mirror Mirrors local files to a Cloud Files account

dashing-js Port of Dashing to node.js

express-template-override Node module that allows you to override the templates in your main Express views directory

generator-foundation Yeoman generator for Stylus themes, especially zurb foundation CSS framework

gimm-hello-npm very first npm package

jxLoader A javascript loader designed for specifically for JxLib but generic enough to work with any JS library adhering to the MooTools header standard

knockout-template-helper A small node.js library that compresses a nested directory of html snippets into one knockout.js template.

kuler2gpl Converts Kuler ASE files to GIMP / Inkscape GPL color palette files.

markdown-walker Node.js - markdown-walker ================

module-driven For the module-driven: quickly create a new node.js module based on a template folder in ~/.config/module-driven

nolife Restart an application if a file changes

pottercms A markdown content management system.

projectwatch Automatic test and preprocessor runner.

rock Generate and scaffold file structures or project skeletons from templates.

rosnodejs A JavaScript client library for ROS.

sane Sane aims to be fast, small, and reliable file system watcher. No bells and whistles, just change events.

sky A markdown static site generator.

versionator Static content versioning middleware for connect and express.

versionatorq Static content versioning middleware for connect and express (query param version).

yui3skins simple utility to derive the list of skins that a yui3 module supports based on its directory structure

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