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2lemetry 2lemetry toolkit.

acid A rails flavored asset pipeline based on piler

advanced-require Require things in Node.js.

assembly build tool to assemble client side javascript projects

autoless Another .less files watcher, but this time with growl notifications

bakery Command line tools for developing PieJS applications

bar Node.js framework for building large modular web applications

Blaggie-System Blog in pieces

bowery Build products not infrastructure.

buildserver configurable build server with integration

cakehelper Utility library for easing the setup of a projects cake tasks.

capshare Automatic image uploads to an s3 bucket then add url to clipboard

catjs (Mobile) Web Automation Framework

chromext chrome extension bootstrap with coffee, jade and stylus

cli-juggle watch files and execute command on change

cloud9-cucumber Cucumber plugin for Cloud9. It provide autocompletion of steps and tags and higlighting (I used syntax highlighters for Gherkin source

cloudcms-server Cloud CMS Application Server Support Module

cloudfiles-mirror Mirrors local files to a Cloud Files account

cluster-overseer An experimental cluster manager

connect-docco docco middleware for connect. Mix it with and watch to get fancy automatic updates.

couchapp Utilities for building CouchDB applications.

couchapp-util Utilities for building CouchDB applications.

couchdev A utility and lean framework for creating and developing CouchDB based applications.

daemon-manager Utility module that adds funcitonality to native node daemons.

deploy-it 远程部署工具

devmake watch a dir for changes and execute a command

die Application and asset management to die for.

directory-doctor Self-contained directory management library.

docxconv Utility script to convert MS Word doc(x) files to clean HTML/Markdown.

dust_compiler A simple Node command line tool that watches and compiles dust templates recursively from one directory to another

dust-compiler Dust.js template watcher/compiler with support for notifications on OS X, Linux, and even Windows

dusterjs A tool to watch and compile a directory of dust.js templates

effortless effortless watches for changes in .less files and automatically compiles them

electricity An alternative to the built-in Express middleware for serving static files. Electricity follows a number of best practices for making web pages fast.

ember-runner EmberJS preview and build tool for Node.JS

evented-forever Forever CLI extended with an "--eventFile" option to catch events (stop, restart...) through a file with listeners

fast-ui-shifter New YUI build tool based on Gearjs, so let's shift some gears (FastUi Fork)

flambe Rapidly cook up games for HTML5 and Flash.

flowin Real-time project builder & browser-refresh using node.js

forever A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

forever-binom A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

forever-mac A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

forever-monitor Core forever process monitor

forever-monitor-harmony Core forever process monitor

forever-win Windows fork of forever, a simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

frvr Minimalist forever

fs-notifier File System Notifier that invokes scripts when new input files are available

fswatcher Um monitor de diretórios que permite executar vários programas

fusion Merge Files into Javascript Namespace

fw.mpa _a multi-page web-app and website framework_

gadget Gadget - Snap together HTML5 Applications

gapify Command-line tool to compile Express apps into PhoneGap apps

go-mon Simple monitor script for use during development of a golang app.

gonzo The surprisingly simple way to write CouchApps

handlebar-rider Compiles/watches a directory of handlebar templates files and precompiles into single js output file

handlebars-watch A module that will execute a Handlebars precompilation command whenever a change is made in the watched directories

hanging-gardens A JavaScript project structure for NoRIA webpages.

hans Wordpress Theme development in the CLI

hem stiches CommonJS, and ties up other lose ends of web-app development.

hem-render-html This module adds the ability to dynamically generate HTML files for your hem project.

hexo-qiniu-sync hexo qiniu static files sync plugin

hoodie-server __DONT USE ME DIRECTLY__

hotnode Hot code loading for node.js

hype Expressjs based cluster-load-balanced app with, redis, mongoskin.

irspy spying (watcher) script that recompiles a single less file to css based upon any less file change

jade-client-connect Jade Client Connect - A compiler to help use templates on a web client

jalapeno Checkout http://github/gekitz/jalapeno for further details

javascript-packager Conactenate and minify javscripts files

jsttojs A node.js module for precompile JavaScript templates (ex. mustache or jQuery.tmpl) to one file

kaapi Highly-Opinionated, Mocha-based Spec runner

kip Node.js HTTP static server

knighkit knighkit 是自动化,模块开发,并支持自动打包,支持远程调试的前端开发框架。 目的是减少前端开发过程中的重复工作,使你更关注程序本身。

koa-liveload liveload middleware for koa

less-tree-watch Coffeescript command-line utility for watching and compiling of LESS files

less-watcher2 Automatically detecting changes in .less files and recompile styles.

lessup Lessup yer app. Auto-compile & generate less files.

level-liferecorder-sync Monitor a folder to import media from a liferecorder to leveldb

liferecorder-worker A couchdb-worker to upload from a liferecorder to couchdb

lightapi A simple web framework for Node.JS

live-sync watches for file changes and syncs via sftp (more options to be added)

live.js refresh browser on file changes

lmj-tunes A music player using node.js and backbone.js.

locator gives semantic meaning to filesystem paths

louis A distressingly simple static site generator for S3.

lrfecompile tool for automatic precompile frontend on liferay

lrqunitrun run qunit tests on liferay

lyvus live stylus / css reloading with node.js

main-js Watches (current) directory **/*.js files and re-generates main.js

makeitso Watcher that runs make on file changes

minir Mini Live Reload Server

mirador Mirador runs automatically your mocha tests when any file in the project changes.

mobinsdk ERROR: No file found!

mochiscript Javascript Dessert

mock-server Your friendly mock server

nabu-cli Command line interface for nabu

nerve Nerve blogging platform

ngn A distributed services platform (core and CLI).

node-debug2 Quick and easy wrapper for node-inspector

node-make-asset-pipeline An asset pipeline which retrieves assets depending on makefile commands when a watched modules has been updated

node-sass-cli Better CLI for node-sass, including watching

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