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aquery Selenium powered node.js JQuery-like interface for Test

auquery Selenium-powered JQuery-like automation library

banoffee E2E testing for your node.js web app, using Selenium, ChromeDriver, Mocha, SauceLabs, ...

brewie Run mocha tests using Selenium.

browser-perf Measure browser performance metrics

browser-repl CLI utility to set up a remote browser repl.

browser-upgrade Sugar over selenium webdriver

burnout Burnout is a asynchronous, chainable Selenium 2 WebDriver interface.

buster-selenium Buster.js extension to work with selenium-webdriver, wd, or webdriverjs.

captureme CLI utility that helps you capture screenshots from any browser available in the cloud

chalcogen Runs mocha tests using selenium

fran Browser integration testing.

gemini UI Screenshot testing utility

grunt-buster-remotewebdriver Grunt task for running Buster.JS tests via WebDriver

grunt-integration Run Integration Tests using Selenium, Mocha, a Server, and a Browser

grunt-mocha-appium Run functional Mocha tests with wd and Appium.

grunt-mocha-selenium Run functional Mocha tests with webdriver against a local selenium instance.

grunt-mocha-webdriver Grunt task to run Mocha tests against a Selenium grid

grunt-mocha-webdriver-painful Grunt task to run Mocha tests against a Selenium grid or local Selenium instance

grunt-sauce-driver Grunt task for running Selenium WebDriver tests on SauceLabs.

grunt-sauce-screenshots Takes screenshots of webpages in various browsers using Sauce

grunt-saucelabs-qunit Grunt task running Qunit tests using Saucelabs

grunt-selenium Run Selenium suite

gruntest mirror x 2 on the wall, who's the gruntest of them all?

hopjs-remote Remote API Helper and tools for Hopjs

intern Intern. A next-generation code testing stack for JavaScript.

intern-geezer Intern: geezer edition. A next-generation code testing stack for last-generation JavaScript code.

jasmine-server jasmine server

jellyfish A framework for launching environments and running JS

jshub Serves and runs your JavaScript tests locally or in a Cloud (SauceLabs, BowserStack, ...)

karma-sauce-launcher A Karma plugin. Launch any browser on SauceLabs!

karma-sauce-launcher-fork A Karma plugin. Launch any browser on SauceLabs!

karma-sauce-launcher-shahata A Karma plugin. Launch any browser on SauceLabs!

karma-webdriver-launcher A Karma plugin. Launcher for Remote WebDriver instances.

kommando Configurable cross browser functional / acceptance test launcher (using Webdriver)

mantis Multi-page application (MPA) framework

mocha-cloud Mocha tests in the cloud with Saucelabs

mocha-sauce Tools for running mocha tests on saucelabs

mocha-selenium Run mocha selenium acceptance tests in different browsers, in serial or parallel

mole-sauce Delicious Sauce OnDemand reporter for Mocha

paraffin Javascript tests made easy

phantom-wd A webdriver wrapper around PhantomJS

queen-populator-plugin Adds populator support to queen

sauce Sauce for Node

sauce-lab Run a single test file on sauce labs. This just takes care of polling for the result.

sauce-tap-runner Automate running TAP browser unit tests on Sauce Labs

saucelauncher A command line launcher for browsers in SauceLabs.

saucie A library which allows you to integrate results of your frontend JavaScript tests into a Sauce jobs results page.

saucier A command line tool for working with Sauce Labs.

screen.object Page Object Pattern for Appium and Mocha.

se-interpreter Command-line interpreter for Selenium Builder test scripts.

security-adventure Go on an educational Web security adventure!

selenian Extensible and parallelizable mashup of cucumber and selenium

selenium-grid simply run functional tests in a selenium grid

selenium-mocha run selenium tests in the browser

selenium-runner Run a [{url+JSTest}, ..] combo in selenium grid, in parallel, in multiple browsers

selenium-service-example An example Node.js setup for running parallel Selenium end to end tests against a local server via SauceLabs, BrowserStack, or TestingBot.

snap-tracer > shotsnap tracer and reviewer

solid-sauce Solid CI test reporting client

strider-sauce Sauce Labs / Selenium support for Strider

swbox A command line interface for editing files from your ScraperWiki box, on your local machine.

test-support Experimental central test support. Not intended for direct external use.

traffic Web automation DSL using selenium backend.

viff Find virtual differences between web pages in different environments(developing, staging, production) and browsers.

watai Integration testing for the modern web

wd-candy A candyfull wrapper for WD - WebDriver

wd-capture Capture some data from a page via wd.

wd-parallel-async Run your WD.js driven tests in multiple browsers, at the same time

wd-sync sync version of wd using fibers.

wd-tap-test Run TAP tests in the browser from the console using WebDriver

wd-tractor A port of protractor to the admc/wd driver. Angularjs e2e and midway testing using a straightforward api.

wd-unit Drive in-browser tests with WD.

wd40 Lubricates your passage to using Selenium and webdriver.

web-pilot some glue to make test automation better

yeti Yeti automates browser testing.

yiewd Generator-based WebDriver client, wrapper around Wd.js

zuul simple browser testing

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