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accord A unified interface for compiled languages and templates in JavaScript

acre Admin CRUD, and REST generator for Node.js

acunu-analytics javascript client for Acunu Analytics

airbrite Airbrite API wrapper

alscan-js An access log scanner.

also decorators

amq A nodejs AMQP implementation built on top of amqplib's channel-oriented api. Connection/Queue/Exchange constructors supporting auto-reconnection and backoff.

amqp-events An EventEmitter metaphor for amqplib.

amqp-topic-pub-consume Simple lib to listen/send to a Message queue

amqplib An AMQP 0-9-1 (e.g., RabbitMQ) library and client.

anachronize Expose a specific format of UMD modules as global vars

and1 Queues your asynchronous calls in the order they were made.

asq Synchronous slideshow mixed with a classroom clicker.

asq-microformat Microformat parser and markup generator for ASQ

assetflow Asset deployment for node

audio-driven-time-control (work in progress)

autobahn An implementation of The Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP).

autohost Resource-driven http server

autohost-riak-auth Riak backed auth provider for autohost

autolint Autolint watches your files for jslint-errors.

autoremote.js autoRemote node.js API

backbone-db-redis Redis driver for Backbone.Db

backbone-promises Adds Promises/A+ support to backbone model and collection

bacn Command-line tools for cooking a stack of Bacn.

baidu-client-auth request AccessToken of Baidu Passport in Terminal by Oauth.

bake-js Composing Small Javascript Libraries, Homebrew Style

barriertest Promises featured test framework

base-objects Base javascript objects with convenient inheritance and some shared features for node & browser, AMD

bnt-seshat seshat ======

browsers A simple, easy-to-use browser guardian.

buff Buff your node repl or runtime with the best libraries and utilities.

bull Job manager

buster Buster.JS JavaScript Test framework. Meta package that pieces together various sub-projects.

buster-analyzer .. default-domain:: js .. highlight:: javascript

buster-args Parser for CLI arguments.

buster-capture-server Buster capture server

buster-client Client libraries to interact with a buster-capture-server

buster-configuration Groks the buster.js configuration file, including resource loading, file globbing, grouped test configs and more

buster-resources Virtual file systems for exposing files and other resources on e.g. web servers

buster-test Promised based evented xUnit and BDD style test runner for JavaScript

buster-test-cli Cli tools for Buster.JS test runners

cabrel-config Configuration management

cabrel-crypto-wrapper Wrapper around various existing crypto functions

cabrel-curb-lib A queue service, backed by Redis

cabrel-hapi-session Wrapper around frequently used methods for hapi to store/fetch sessions

cacheup A general purpose cache library

cadfael A monastic javascript build/test tool based on asynchronous promises

cadfael-cli The CLI global run script for cadfael

ccache Caching!

cduk A modularize code/doc splitter inspired by docco

cjdmaid Cjdns peers manager

client-templates roots extension that precompiles templates for use on the client side

cluster-cache cluster-cache ===============

cluster-monitor cluster-monitor ===============

cluster-status cluster-status ===============

cluster2 ![Travis status](

communibase-connector-js communibase-connector-js --- a Node.js connector for the Communibase service

conduttore A multi-purpose Router

connect-session-as-promised Because connect sessions depend too heavily on `this` Fetch counts of a user's contributions to various platforms (Github, NPM, Gem, CPAN, Nuget, ...)

couchdb-paginate ## Usage

cpan-count Fetch a user's CPAN count from MetaCPAN

crc2json Scan a directory of files and generates a CRC32 for each file and outputs them in JSON format.

cryptofetch Fetch market data from cryptocurrency exchanges

cucumberjs-browser CLI for generating browser-based cucumber runner.

cwebp node.js wrapper for cwebp

dagger.js Dagger.js application server framework

datapipe An extendable Node.js Buffer class with promised-based piping.

dbank-share-download 华为网盘分享文件实际地址分析和下载

dbeasy Promise-based wrapper for postgresql driver that makes easy what should be easy while protecting your foot.

decoy Decoy is a mocking framework designed to get out of your way.

delimit Convert delimited files from one format to another

dinkum API Tools

dynamic-content dynamic content functionality for roots

dyson Node server for dynamic, fake JSON.

dyson-generators Fake data generators for dyson

dyson-image Image proxy and base64 generator for dyson

dyson-lorempixel Image proxy and base64 generator for dyson

endpoints-controller controller layer for the endpoints framework.

explor Path finding on any graph

extruder Functional tools for processing node-task input objects.

fastack Command line interface for deploying and interacting with Fastack

ffmpeg Utility for managing video streams using ffmpeg

figson Simple config file storage.

filerw A node-task compliant read-write interface for local filesystems.

final-db Embeded document based database system that uses bare file system as a storage. NoSql style.

final-fs Promised wrapper for node fs module with usefull additional set of functions.

find-deps Little helper tool for printing the name and latest version of all modules your code needs.

firefox-get grab firefox package URLs

flowman A lightweight async flow control to convert your callbacks to promise

fobject A simple promise-based wrapper for file operations that treats files as objects.

form-scraper Scrape and Submit forms easily...

forumjs forumjs =======

fowl Document and Query Layer for FoundationDB

frcp An FRCP library and client.

frutty Frutty is a lightweight javascript framework made for creating lightweight frontend applications

fs-watch-tree Recursively watch directories for changes

gem-count Fetch a user's gem count from Rubygems

generator-node-webkit A generator for node-webkit

ghost Just a blogging platform.

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