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2lemetry 2lemetry toolkit.

ab-tool A extension of Apache HTTP Benchmarking tool for Node.js

ace-log nodejs log for ace

actionhero actionhero.js is a multi-transport API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks

activepush Web push service built around ActiveMQ (or any STOMP broker)

aerobatic-yoke yoke is your developer control column for building nimble web apps on the [Aerobatic]( platform. With yoke you have the power to:

agentvsagent Agent vs Agent

aggregate Aggregate function calls accross a tick

alamid Framework for realtime apps that run both on the server and the client.

albot Automated Leverage Box Operation Tool

alpaca EIP for Node.js, influenced by Apache Camel

america-depressed non pci compliant cc app

amqp-sqs AMQP facade for SQS

another-circuit-breaker An implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern in Node.js, now with plugin support!

aonx very opinionated application framework

apk-updater Express module for apk auto-updater

appium Automation for Apps.

appium-adb appium-adb

appium-instruments IOS Instruments + instruments-without-delay launcher used by Appium

appium-uiautomator appium-uiautomator ==========

apptrack [WIP] A node module that lets you create website analytics you own

appway The proserver is inspired by heroku a deployment mechanism and is designed for rubynas

apx-winston Winston Logger initializer for APX API server

architect-logger Winston plugin for Architect

archon A helper to test battle code bots (

arthus Yet another web framework.

asq Synchronous slideshow mixed with a classroom clicker.

asset-server A lean RESTful Amazon S3-like asset server that supports subdomain buckets, content hashing and versioning, streaming files directly to the the local filesystem.

asthmatic ERROR: No file found!

async-logging async-logging working with cluster ~0.5.0

audiosprite Concat small audio files into single file and export in many formats.

audiospritler Concat small audio files into single file and export in many formats for use with Howler.js.

autoauth OAuth credential helper (supports Twitter and Flickr).

autocmdr autocmdr

autoqueue Helps AMQP publishers keep their bindings up.

aw-cache-heater A cache-heater Cetrea Anywhere.

aw-cache-validator A cache-validator Cetrea Anywhere.

aws-setup A Node Module and Command Line Tool for initializing AWS setups via JSON, YAML or JS scripts.

awsm-o AWSM-O helps you with automating AWS instances

ayecm-client Client application for service

azure-cli Windows Azure Cross Platform Command Line tool

bakery-commons bakery-commons ==============

bancroft gpsd client for GPS tracking device.

bashpack packs a nodejs project into a single bash file

bean.http HTTP beans for beanpole

beanpoll-http HTTP beans for beanpole

bem BEM Tools

beyo Beyo Application framework.

bi-appsrvr The Bisnode Informatics frontend application server

bigml Node bindings for BigML.

binary-cookies Binary cookie file parser

binford-slf4j-adapter Wraps many excellent loggers so they are suitable for binford-slf4j

bip API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bipio API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bitcoin-explorer A block explorer clone built using BitcoinJS

bitcoin-p2p Implementation of Bitcoin's peer-to-peer layer for Node.js

bitcoinjs Implementation of Bitcoin's peer-to-peer layer for Node.js

blad A forms based node.js CMS ala SilverStripe, but smaller

bloomapi Datastore and API for for NPIs (US Healthcare National Provider Identifier)

blunderbuss A connect-like dnode service stack for linking distributed event-based service logic

bobby Build your JavaScript projects

bonescript Physical computing library for embedded Linux

bonvoyage Seaport service discovery and registering via mDNS/Bonjour/zeroconf

boombox-audiosprite boombox-audiosprite is audio sprite generator that has compatibility with boombox.js.

bowl Multi process manager for Node.js

bpmn BPMN 2.0 execution engine

bratwurst Multi-tenancy dev and build helpers with file overriding and EJS templating

broadway Lightweight application extensibility and composition with a twist of feature reflection.

browserid-certifier A process that creates user certificates described in the BrowserID protocol - for use in your projects

build An ant-like build program for node

buildy A build framework with chaining syntax

bunsen A minimal rest framework inspired by python's Flask and Flask-Slither

burnhub burndown chart for github issues

busybee Library for distributing applications in a 'hive'

cabinet A fast static file server loaded with useful features

cabrel-hapi-session Wrapper around frequently used methods for hapi to store/fetch sessions

calipso A NodeJS CMS

camelot A node wrapper for webcam controller providing configurable async frame grabbing.

caminio highly modularized CMS framework

capre Cross-Server Data Replication

cas_validate Interact with a CAS server to validate client interaction

catjs (Mobile) Web Automation Framework

cavia Key-value on top of SQL

ccow.contextmanager A simple CCOW context manager with no persistence.

ciao Ciao is a simple command line utility for testing http(s) requests and generating API documentation

cl-rpc A simple rpc module that launches command-line programms

clb-modelloader clb-modelloader is a utility which loads moongoose models into a nodejs server and installs appropriate request handlers

cli-trader A simple commandline trading tool for BTCe

cliff Your CLI formatting friend.

climax Pooler for multiple resources

clip express meets the CLI

cloudd node based job execution engine

cloudinit-cli Manage Cloud and DevOps

co-logger Winston based logger for CompoundJS

codo A CoffeeScript documentation generator.

comet-agent Server monitoring helper

componentjs-tracing Run-Time Tracing for ComponentJS based Rich Client UIs

composer-server The systems configuration management component of orchestra

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