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compoxure Page composition proxy built using node-http-proxy and trumpet as middleware based on ideas from harmon.

conjur-api ERROR: No file found!

connection_pool Connection Pool for managing connections

connfu DSL for creating real time voice applications using connFu platform

contegix-logger Contegix Logger

contented Web content summarization for Node.js

couch-persona A server that integrates persona with CouchDB

cozy-controller Module used to install, update and remove applications in the Cozy Platform.

craigslist-listings Manage your account and listings on Craigslist.

crawlable A way to make your web application crawlable, so it can be well referenced on the web.

crawlable-solidify Some tools to help you to render your application as a static web site using the crawlable module.

crawlerjs A simple crawler

currentcms Current Cms is a multi user content management system for Node.js and MongoDB.

damka server monitor

dashing-js Port of Dashing to node.js

dbg improved debugger functions

dbrans-testem Test'em 'scripts! Javascript Unit testing made easy.

debugcallback Simple debugging of callbacks

defcon A container for DEFCON modules

defcon-rest-gateway Gateway for RESTful events

deploy-bot A simple api for an **agent less** DevOps infrastructure provisionning bot.

derby-log Logging plugin for Derby.js

descil-mturk API to connect to the Mturk-service offered by the ETH Decision Science Laboratory (DeSciL)

dgeni Flexible JavaScript documentation generator used by AngularJS

dgeni-packages A collection of dgeni packages for generating documentation from source code

discover-client NodeJS client for Discover, a Docker service discovery provider

distilled Distilled is the support system for which achieve the everyday changes on the Mainpage of Chinese Wikipedia and then remix related content into a magazine.

dmon A daemon manager and service discovery module for nodejs.

dnode-spider asynchronous rpc system for node.js, bi-direction and poly-direction communication...

dnschain A blockchain-based DNS + HTTP server that fixes HTTPS security, and more!

dock.js An easy to use Node.js module that orchestrates Docker containers that handles interdependencies for you.

docker-discover Service Discovery for Docker

docpad-plugin-winston DocPad plugin that replaces the default logger with Winston

docparse-logger winston based logger for use in the docparse project

doushio Real-time imageboard jQuery UI DownloadBuilder & ThemeRoller backend and frontend application.

dpd-mincer Mincer for DPD

dredd API Blueprint testing tool

dri Digital Repository Ireland - backend operations

dry-underscore The DRY Undescore Library

dynamic-module-loader dynamic-module-loader [![Build Status](]( =====================

dynamic-reverse-proxy-client A client to the dynamic-reverse-proxy, to register an application via REST.

easyrep A nodejs based reporting framework

easyrobot Easy to learn and use Node.js based and Rosbridge Suite compatible Robot API.

easysocket easy socket for everyone

edgegrid-node A Node.js client, reference implementation and authentication library for EdgeGrid.

ejabberd node bridge to ejabberd

ejdb-session-store EJDB-based session store

elastic-transfer Elastic | Transfer (innovating file management)

elasticio-utils utilities

elasticmongoose Just a simple mongoose plugin for elastic search indexing

elipsis a web based vault for your passwords.

embersmith Static HTML and JSON generator for Ember.js projects.

emysql Enhanced MySQL Pool for Node.js

entree Data Access Framework for NodeJS

errorboard.js Track and fix JavaScript errors fired by your vititor's browsers

esarchive esarchive [![build status](]( =========

ethereum A node implementation of Ethereum

evented-forever Forever CLI extended with an "--eventFile" option to catch events (stop, restart...) through a file with listeners is a realtime API server.

evilportscanner evilPortScanner is a mandatory addon for evilProbe project. It's a simple TCP port scanner at the moment.

evilscan Massive ports scanner for node.

evo-elements Evo Cloud Basic Elements

express-autoroute Automatically load routes from a structured routes/ folder

express-seed An empty website using nodejs + express + handlerbars + sass + bower + grunt + mysql. express 3 framework with

express-uglify Express.js view engine plugin for Uglify JS

express-winston express.js middleware for flatiron/winston

f7u12rl Replace faces in any image on the web with rage faces

fanout A simple fanout pubsub message server for node.js

fedora Digital Repository Ireland - fedora backend operations

feedtools A server which does various things with RSS feeds and publishes them back to the world.

ferrum Framework for node.js

fh-api FeedHenry Cloud APIs

fh-api-alpha FeedHenry Cloud APIs

fh-api-beta FeedHenry Cloud APIs

fh-api-test FeedHenry Cloud APIs

fh-mbaas-api FeedHenry MBAAS Cloud APIs

fh-nodeapp FeedHenry Node Application

fh-nodeapp-alpha FeedHenry Node Application

fh-nodeapp-beta FeedHenry Node Application

fh-nodeapp-test FeedHenry Node Application

filefog Cloud Storage API Wrapper supporting Box, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive

firefly A Node.js Framework

firegem-rest A REST API for node.js sitting on top of mongoose. Ideal for use with KendoUI.

flashfreeze Easy background backup and version control for your files

flatiron-config-util utility broadway module for flatiron config

flavordb A NodeJS client for the FlavorDB API

flickr-sync Deprecated. Use flickr-with-uploads instead.

flipflop ezmode geek blogging, like wearing sandals

flotilla Continuous deployment with a HTTP host router, based on Bouncy/Fleet/Seaport by @substack

force-field Distributed rate-limiter written using Node.js and backed by Redis

forever A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

forever-binom A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

forever-mac A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

forever-win Windows fork of forever, a simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

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