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forge.js A Node.js tool for continuous integration and development.

forumjs forumjs =======

foxjs A lightweight framework and template for creating a quick maintainable javascript server.

freddy Simple messaging API supporting acknowledgements and request-response

frontline A web debugging proxy in Node. Also can be used to create fake JSON REST webservices.

fs-change Monitor changes to specified files or directories, run arbitrary scripts in response.

fsapi Asynchronous FamilySearch client API for Node.js.

fsjson JSON/JS files on the file system

g33k-packer Live assets packer with uglify/less/htmlminifier with live reload support

gardener A node process manager for couchapps that depend on npm modules, or have npm modules bundled with them.

gardr-validator-web The Web ui for the garĂ°r validator

garret [![Stories in Ready](]( # Garret

gas-organize Keep your Google Apps Scripts organized

gat An HTTP caching server

gcs Groonga CloudSearch

gearmanode Node.js library for the Gearman distributed job system with support for multiple servers

gebo-server Grunt, Express, Bootstrap, OAuth2 agent

geena MVC Framework for Node. The project is still in development.

git-rest-api A library providing a restful Git API mimicking as most as possible the old good git

git-script scriptable progmatic git commands in node

gitdeploy Listen for git web hooks and automatically update and deploy code

glp Abstract various configuration formats through gulp.

glutenfree A profiler/loganalyzer for nginx/Cetrea Aw.

gmond A node ganglia-gmond service with support for dynamic ganglia clusters

gocoin A JavaScript client library for the GoCoin API.

gocoin-extended An Extended Version of GoCoin's JavaScript library.

gong Gong REST framework based on Express and Connect.

goo Lightweight Node.js Application Framework

google-oauth-serviceaccount oauth module to retrive an access token with google service account

gozy go crazy

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

graojs graoJS - A full stack MVC NodeJS framework

greppy Easy and lightweight application framework

grunt-blitz Run sprints and rushes from grunt

grunt-winston Setup a Winston logger for grunt runtime.

guardian Authentication Gateway Proxy

guerrero Traverse both remote and local file systems and collect information about movies, images and music via mediainfo.

haibu A node.js application server - spawn your own node.js clouds, on your own hardware

haibu-other A node.js application server - spawn your own node.js clouds, on your own hardware

haibu-repo A node.js application server - spawn your own node.js clouds, on your own hardware

handy-node Node JS framework

hapi.assetsupload Set of Scripts to easily bulk upload assets in a HAPI instance.

hat.js The Deployer

hbond Distributed K-V store based on leveldb

hg A Mercurial client for Node

hnb_script Fetches currency data fron HNB and makes it available over API

hoganyam hogan-js template middleware and render function <img src=""></img> <img src=""></img> a Hook logger ( supports Redis, Mongo, Console, Webhook, etc )

hornet Realtime engine for easy and secured pub/sub in web applications. Backed by and redis

http-monster A HTTP benchmarking tool for CLI

http-retry HTTP retry module

http-stale-cache-proxy A non-compliant HTTP caching proxy that excels at serving stale cached content, while keeping its cache updated asynchronously.

http-tunnel If you are on the road, behind fifteen firewalls, and want to share some web application you're developing locally, or just share a set of files with someone real quick; this tool will do the job!

hubiquitus-node hServer implementation of the Hubiquitus Framework

hummingbird-core Core components for hummingbird.

hummingbird-facebook Facebook streaming module for hummingbird.

hummingbird-instagram Instagram streaming module for hummingbird.

hummingbird-service The parent service class for hummingbird.

hummingbird-twitter Twitter streaming module for hummingbird.

hummingbird-wordpress Wordpress streaming module for hummingbird.

hurt-locker hurt-locker ===========

hyde A simple static site generator

icarus Node Environment Deployment Manager

ideamark A simple nodejs document store for ideas, concepts, documentation supporting markdown

igloo Igloo is a minimal app boilerplate built with Express.

imagine Real-time image processing and storage host

imagine-cloudfiles Cloudfiles storage for Imagine

imagine-file File storage for Imagine

imagine-s3 S3 storage for Imagine

imapnotify Execute scripts on new messages using IDLE imap command

infantry Node.js application monitoring for an army of nodes

inform-daemon A service for letting you know about interesting events!

instrumented-proxy The HTTP proxy with a bunch of logging added to it.

ios-ota A node-based iOS over-the-air service

ios-ota-maintainer An ios-ota janitor

iotkit-agent Edge agent to abstract complexities

iotkit-client Edge client for IoT Kit Cloud

ipc A simple inter process communication library along with distributed election algorithm (Bully) for Node.js

irccd An IRC "client-daemon" which lets you daemonize multiple IRC clients and publish their events to your desktop.

ircdjs An IRCD for Node

iron-scheduler Scheduling ironio tasks.

ironhorse Flatiron plugin for Express that borrows some of the good ideas of Union without the route and middleware nonsense.

jazzy Web framework which makes your apps swing

jellyjs Jelly.js Framework

jishaku-torrent-storage Torrent storage component of Jishaku Toshokan

jlog java like logger

jolosrv A jolokia JMX to ganglia service's analytics website's authentication middleware's beacon node's configuration node's Framework Engine's logger node's status middleware

journald Log to the systemd journal

js.js Jumbosocket (js.js) is a small server for big ideas, offering a small template starter project, inspired by fu.js and utilizing

jscpd Copy/paste detector for programming code, support JavaScript, CoffeeScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Less languages

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