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jsfail JsFail is a website containing a collection of JavaScript and Json tools glued together from awesome open source projects from around the net.

json-ext helper modules to throw JSON objects at any JSON/REST api

jsreport javascript based business reporting

kaffee-cli Command line interface for the Kaffee library.

kamituel-logger winston-based logger with handy defaults

kapp Kondoot Application Wrapper - the baseline wrapper for building distributed, centrally managed apps at Kondoot

katana Easy to use, modular web framework for any Node.js samurai.

katsu nodejs content management framework

ken Simple web application framework

kido-agent The KidoZen's agent service.

koalesce simple route and middleware manager for koa

koast A Thin Server with an Attitude

konstruct Server factories & middleware

krowlr A fast asynchrone crawler

krunch A simple build and watch tool for javascript, html and less/css.

kuku A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given script runs continuously. It use forever

l3mon l3mon core library

lamassu-atm-protocol bitcoin atm client server protocol module

lamassu-bitstamp Lamassu Bitstamp ticker and trader

lamassu-server bitcoin atm client server protocol module

landmark Deploying all the parts of your application to the right places in your server fleet has never been easier.

launchpad You can launch browsers! From NodeJS! Local ones! Remote ones! Browserstack ones!

layer-cake A little node.js web framework care of your friends at MongoHQ

leo-winston Hierarchical winston loggers

less-watch Monitor changes to specified files or directories, run arbitrary scripts in response.

lessyam less css middleware for connect or union

let Fight legacy systems with style.

levitate Levitate is an exploit development platform

libgrabber Automatically updates hosted projects on jsDelivr CDN.

lincoln Presidential logging. Fancy loggers for winston.

linkwit A real-time, clickstream analytics tracking tool.

linz NodeJS Content Management System.

liquid-ffmpeg A fluent API to FFMPEG (

log-colors A colorized winston console logger Realtime log monitoring in your browser Realtime log monitoring in your browser

logginator Creates an instance of TaggedLogger

loggly-console-logger Winston-based logger that outputs to the console and loggly if the loggly input token is set in the nconf object

logsmith Simple logging wrapper around winston.

lottery Devoxx 'Web Tambouille' Contest 2012

lytup CLI for

madmin madmin [![Build Status](]( =============

mailin Artisanal inbound emails for every web app

maksunappi A Node.js library for online payments in Finland.

mammock Mammock is a node.js service mocking framework designed to be quick and easy, allowing developers to fill the "missing gaps" in services during development.

masm-log ERROR: No file found!

mavlink_ardupilotmega_v1.0 Implementation of the MAVLink protocol

mazagran Opinionated node.js framework

mdbp markup driven build process

meat Meeting room kiosk app for displaying meeting room schedules and booking rooms in your organization. Built against Google Apps, but other sources can be defined.

mechhome A framework for DIY home automation and security monitoring in node.js

medusa A Redis transport and Log server for winston

melted-node a library to interface with the Melted playout server

members-area An area for members of a group to manage their subscription, permissions and resources.

memory-session-store In-memory based session store

mergeatron A helpful PR monitor that runs jenkins builds when Pull Requests are created and updated

mesh-winston cross-platform safe implementation of winston

meteor-deployment-manager A simple command line utility that aims to make deploying Meteor applications to self-hosted infrastructure as easy as possible.

microscratch Light Weight Web Framework using node.js, mongo, sockets, ember.js ...

migratedb Migrates databases.

miner Localhost tunelling service wrappers

mixdown-boilerplate Base site implementation for a mixdown powered site.

mldb MarkLogic V6 REST API Driver for Node.js

mljs MarkLogic V6+7 REST API Driver for Node.js. Replaces MLDB.

modreal-logger This is an opinionated simple logger package. It assumes:

mole Like 1Password for ssh tunnels and VPN connections, plus sharing within a team.

mole-server Server side components for Mole

mongo-json-query mongodb-like json queries against javascript objects

mongodb-api Module to invoke Mongo DB services

mongolfier A Simple MySQL to MongoDB Migration Tool

mongoose-admin automatic admin tool and admin pages for mongoose

mongoose-plugins mongoose plugins:CRUD,auth helpers

monostack MONOSTACK, a modular Node.JS stackful architecture

moonridge Bring your Mongoose models straight into angular web app with live Query support, all thanks to the magic of

moonshine-js a web framework for rapid development of SPA apps with angular.js,node and mongodb

mordac Mordac, the restorer of Dilbert RSS feeds.

mountebank Over the wire test doubles

movement attempt at making a framework

mqtt-bridge Simple bridge to stream MQTT Broker data to dynamically defined back-ends

mssql-api KidoZen Node.js SQL Server Connector

mturk Amazon Mechanical Turk API wrapper for Node

mudsmith Node.js Server Monitoring for awesome people.

mupee Mupee is a proxy between the update servers and your corporate Mozilla software.

my-papertrail-logger ``` process.env.PAPERTRAIL_PORT process.env.APP_NAME ```

mylocker A personal enterprise data locker

myriad-server node.js app for scaling node.js tasks across multiple machines

mysql-api 'MySQL' client for Nodejs

mystack-restapi simple REST client to proxy HTTP/HTTPS requests

nabu Static Site Generator

nebulog A enhancement/wrapper around the wonderful Winston logger.

nell A static site generator with markdown and swig templates

nemesis A FullStack Javascript Web Framework with opinions

neo4j-api KidoZen Node.js Neo4J Connector

netty net tools for node.js

nm-logger Wrapper around Winston logger

nmc2couch Scrapes Namecoin into CouchDB, fairly hackish at the moment.

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