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10er10 10er10 is an HTML5 audio jukebox. It works on Firefox 4+ and Chromium/Chrome.

adhesion MQTT over WebSockets

admin A generic, modular admin interface for node

aerogear-simplepush-node-client A client for the AeroGear SimplePush server

ag-sockets Thin WebSockets communication layer

appium Automation for Apps.

apptime Uptime monitoring linked to a mailer

aria2 Library for aria2, "The next generation download utility."

atmosphere-client Atmosphere client for Node.js

auto-refreshing-browser-console Live reloaded output from command line apps in the browser

auto-reload-brunch Adds automatic browser reloading support to brunch.

autobahn An implementation of The Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP).

autoborg Automatic compilation of changed files, live updates in the browser

bb-server A bare bones http server

bebop Code ninja, code ninja go! Develop at breakneck speeds.

bigpipe Bigpipe a radical new web framework for Node.js that's inspired by Facebook's bigpipe concept.

black-pearl Metrics collector that push metrics to Elastic Search + Kibana.

black-pearl-client Ultra simple client to push metrics in a Elastic Search + Kibana.

blk-server BLK game server.

brightcontext blazingly fast real-time data stream processing

brokr Websocket RPC+PUB/SUB library

browsercam Use your browser as video input

bubbles Show response times as bubbles!

camp Streamed Web Server with easy Ajax, EventSource, Templating, Static pages; Middleware approach and extensibility.

catbot-ws-client catbot websockets client

cavalry Basically Fleet without dnode.

chrome-pagecheck Simple way to check webpage for errors in google Chrome

chrome-rdebug Full implementation of the chrome/webkit remote debugging protocol. Implemented to use as the bridge for AppJS v2.0

chrome-remote-interface Chrome Remote Debugging Protocol interface

chromix Chromix is a command-line and scripting utility for controlling Google chrome. It can be used, amongst other things, to create, switch, focus, reload and remove tabs.

code-proxy A debug tool to proxy js code execution from one browser to another.

coffee-collider Sound Processing Language for Web Audio

coffer Integrated Components

common-rpc an common rpc module support ws/http

concurixjs Node.js Real-time Visual Profiler and Debugger

conducto-client conducto client interface

conducto-server conducto server interface

contact private, one-to-one or many-to-many command line chat

contact-server a WIP server

coops-demo Up to date documentation ========================

crmux chrome developer tools remote protocol multiplexer

crp-reagenzglas CrowdProcess Web Worker environment simulation

cupholder A simple coffeescript WAMP client.

cylon-leapmotion Cylon module for the Leap Motion

dandelion A small utility that watchs files for changes and reload a web page.

ddpclient Node.js module to connect to servers using DDP protocol.

deadreload Tells the LiveReload browser extension to reload

decibel Networked audio player services.

devine leverage chrome devTools for web production

devtools-hostserver Host Server is a part of Dev Tools+

devtools-reloader-station Devtools reloader station

dialup WebRTC client/server library

docpad-plugin-livereload Automatically refreshes your website whenever a rengeration is performed

doodle Doodle: watch JS files and reload pages via websocket

doodle-boots auto reload websocket emitter based on Rain-boots

dronestream video live stream from your parrot ar.drone 2.0 to your browser in pure javascript

drop node.js ripple client

droppy Personal cloud storage with a speedy HTML5 interface.

elroy-cloud Cloud component for elroy.

elroy-ws-reconnect ws reconnect wrapper with buffering

emitio Real-time websocket pub/sub server The realtime engine behind Socket.IO. Provides the foundation of a bidirectional connection between client and server Client for the realtime Engine [![Build Status](](

error-trap This module automatically injects code into every HTML page that makes a WebSocket connection back to the server and sends the server information about any uncaught errors. It hooks into browser functionality such as addEventListener() and setTimeout() to get complete stack traces but falls back to a window.onerror handler so it doesn't miss anything.

eureka-dongle node.js module for the the Chromecast's very basic functionality

expose.js Simple bi-directional (Browser)Client-Server JavaScript RPC framework

express-ws WebSocket endpoints for express applications

exs Express and WebSockets

field-marshal The land based equivalent of a Rear Admiral

filesocket-server ERROR: No file found!

firefly A Node.js Framework

flashproxy Standalone flash proxy. A flash proxy is a lightweight proxy providing access to the Tor network.

frame5 Frame5 is an attempt creating an HTML5 framework. Under the umbrella standard HTML5 a lot of technological are at play. Frame5's goal is to bring together as many of the specs as it can.

frontier Front-end developer tools

gamooga-node Gamooga module for node.js

gfms Github Flavored Markdown Server

goxstream A node.js readable stream for mtgox. Uses raw websocket!

groovebasin Music player server with a web-based interface inspired by Amarok 1.4

grunt-browser-output Redirect grunt output to the browser.

grunt-gaze A simpler, faster watcher for grunt with livereload.

gulp-developerconsole A Gulp plugin that injects a console presenting test results into the main page.

hangouts Private & Secure Hangouts

hapi-helmet Interactive debug console for hapi

headless-inspector headless webkit remote inspector client

horten Experimental shared-state communication framework. Speaks Javascript, MySQL, OSC and WebSocket.

html-builder Don't write html, use a layout and and populate it with partials.

hummingbird-server Preview designs from your computer on a mobile device in realtime

ibtrealtimesjnode The Realtime Framework Cloud Messaging Pub/Sub client for Node.js

iceman Node Interaction and Chat Manager

imoapi Interact with the API using Node.JS

imposter Stand in for REST with WebSockets and save your self connection and DNS latency.

injecto Test your code in production!

inspector Node.js binding for WebKit Inspector API

iocat WebSocket netcat with support

ion-cannon Concurrent connection load tester

irccloud-cli irccloud commandline interface

jenkins-asskicker-server Title says it all

js-dev-server A simple javascript development server with some maybe nifty features.

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