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json-stream-socket Stream JSON from stdin through a websocket.

jssip-for-node the Javascript SIP library, ported to Node.js

kevoree-chan-remotews Default README generated by ```generator-kevoree```, a ```yo``` generator for __kevoree-js__

kevoree-chan-stompserver Default README generated by ```generator-kevoree```, a ```yo``` generator for __kevoree-js__

kevoree-group-websocket A Kevoree group that uses WebSocket to transfer models

kevoree-model-sync Kevoree Model Sync - helper functions to bootstrap (with NPM) group types in order to call push() and pull()

kite.js Kite client library

kws-media-api Media API for the Kurento Web SDK

l3mon l3mon core library

leapjs JavaScript client for the Leap Motion Controller

led-matrix-sender led matrix sender ===

less-livereload Monitor, parse and Live Reload LESS files in your browser.

levelhud LevelDB web-based front-end

levelweb A front end for leveldb

library A home for digital documents.

live-refresh Live refresh

livereloadx An implementation of the LiveReload 2 server in Node.js

logvent Analytic-Events logging server

logwatcher A simple server to view log files through websockets.

lytup CLI for playcanvas network extention for websockets

madeye MadEye ======

maia Maia Server Implementation (

maia-client Websocket client for the Maia architecture.

mdrt Experimental markdown live preview app

mikehenrty-test-agent execute client side tests from browser report back to cli

minnow An auto-syncing, in-memory-canonical relational database

mitten A vaguely dropin-ish replacement for This is the server-side code. Check out `mitten-client` for client-side code.

mobilenode MobileNode is a tiny node.js-like environment for native mobile apps

mobo-backend Pomelo is a fast, scalable game server framework for [node.js]( It provides the basic development framework and many related components, including libraries and tools. Pomelo is also suitable for real-time web applications; its distribu

mows Use MQTT from the Browser, based on MQTT.js and websocket-stream

mpdjs Music Player Daemon client written in javascript

mqtt-ws a Node.js MQTT/WebSocket bridge A full stack development tool for creating modern webapps

multiwebrtc Example of multi user webrtc

multiwebsock2tcp Sort of restfull client to create multiple WebSocket-to-TCP proxy/bridges

muzzley-client The muzzley client library

my-addon bit-flow library for Node.js

navy-admiral Coordinates execution of orders (tasks) across your fleet of Captains (servers). Controlled via the comms CLI.

navy-captain Executes orders (tasks) received from the Admiral which have been issued via the comms CLI.

navy-comms A CLI used to issue orders to your fleet of Captains via the central Admiral.

ngn-core The commons library used in every NGN module.

nimoy ▲▽ ::

noble A node.js BLE (Bluetooth low energy) central library.

node-chrome use chrome to make desktop apps in node.js

node-http-gateway An gateway to proxy http/https/ws/wss outcoming message to inner services

node-inspector Web Inspector based nodeJS debugger

node-live-reload A quick nodejs + socket powered browser reloader for all your frontend dev needs.

node-livereload LiveReload watch server

node-phantom-ws bridge between node.js and PhantomJS using pure WebSockets

node-red A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things

node-theseus wrapper of the node command for debugging scripts with Theseus

node-xmpp-bosh An XMPP BOSH server written for node.js in javascript

nodecast Node interface to DIAL/RAMP/ChromeCast

nodelay Devops for Node

nydus WebSocket server using the nydus protocol, a simple RPC/PubSub protocol.

nydus-client WebSocket client library for the nydus protocol, a simple RPC/PubSub protocol.

odin-ws WebSocket benchmark utility

omnode Omnode makes it possible to write entire web apps in 100% coffee

orchid Websockets based eventful RPC

pandajs Panda.js node toolkit

pandatool Panda.js node toolkit

peer PeerJS server component

peerbalanced Distributed peer-to-peer load balancing

peercache Distributed peer-to-peer caching

peercached Distributed peer-to-peer caching

peerjs-lobby a lobby system for peer to peer apps

photoshop-inspector-server HTTP WebSocket JSON-RPC Server for interacting with Adobe Photoshop via the Remote WebKit Inspector protocol

pilvi P2P javascript rock'n'roll

pimatic-mobile-frontend Provides a jQuery mobile webinterface for pimatic.

plug-dj-bot A bot for

plugapi Generic API for building bots

pm2-web A web based monitor for PM2

pomelo Pomelo is a fast, scalable game server framework for [node.js]( It provides the basic development framework and many related components, including libraries and tools. Pomelo is also suitable for real-time web applications; its distribu

pomelo-rpc-ws pure websocket rpc framework for pomelo WebSocket to AMQP bridge

portal-client Portal client for Node.js

preacher-api Nodejitsu Preacher API client wrapper

presents-server ERROR: No file found!

pretense Pre-visualisation tool for screen based design

primus-cat `cat` for Primus

prolific-server ERROR: No file found!

proteus-monitor-agent Proteus Monitor Server に対して各ノードの情報を送信するためのエージェントです。

proteus-monitor-server Proteus Monitor Agent によって収集される情報を集約し、ウェブインターフェイスに出力するためのサーバーです。

pusher-client Pusher client for node.js

pvsio-web A javascript library to connect to and communicate with a pvsio process using websockets

qtc Qt Cloud Services SDK for Node.js

quasar Quasar

quickreload A tiny thing to tell the browser to reload css / javascript when files are changed on disk

racer-websocket websocket socket plugin for Racer

rapiddev A plugin & module for Titanium mobile to allow for instant reload of apps on JS / asset changes for faster app development.

red RED is a scalable real time application framework with cross browser fallbacks

reflektor Hapi plugin for logging stdout/stderr to browser console

reload-browser Reload the browser from the command line

remoteobjects Remote objects in a distributed peer-to-peer network Ultra Fast auto-reconnecting real-time apps for mobile and slow internet connections

rfresh Static file reloader

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