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rhizome-server Web server for participative art performances and installations.

ripple-lib Ripple JavaScript client library

rocketio-client Sinatra::RocketIO Client

rosnode.js rosnode.js ==========

rpc-duplex-node Client rpc for nodejs

rserve rserve-js provides a javascript implementation of the websocket Rserve protocol

rtc-signaller-ws WebRTC signalling using pure websockets for peer handshaking

rtc-switchboard Signalling for rtc-io components using primus

rtt-ws Websocket Realtime Transport (RTT)

safelink SafeLink is an open-source NodeJS library created to maintain long-term communication between distant remote sites with varying network quality

sapo A lightweight implementation of

sawkit-node A back-end Facade over the popular 'ws' module for Node, allowing for event emissions and custom event reception.

scalable-server Unlimited Scalable Server

schuko WebSockets extension cord

sentinel-agent Team Unknown

servant Static file server with fast live reloading, jade compiling, less compiling, directory listing. Command line application or basic boilerplate express.js app.

serviceworker Prototype implementation and polyfill for the ServiceWorker spec.

sesame-stream the instant noodle of stream types

shellyjs Synchonous and Asynchronous API server over HTTP, WebSockets, and TCP

simpl Highly pluggable WebSockets framework

skateboard stupid simple websocket stream + static server

skyrtc A server-side webRTC lib to build real-time communications in browser

slate Barebones server with extensible middleware.

smackbone-live an object oriented live model framework

smart-socket Give an array of address to smart-socket and it will try to connect to each one in series and stop on first success or loop if they all failed

snoopy A general page snooping framework

socket-server Websocket server - extends the excellent

socket-sync bidirectional replication of large data sets (binary or ascii) between node and web browsers using websockets Socket.IO client for the browser (pakmanager) and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js, this is just a snapshot of the repo so we can get it into NPM to make wss work, once the main one is realease this will be depriciated Real-time apps made cross-browser & easy with a WebSocket-like API

socketcluster-client Client side of SocketCluster

socketmoor A very basic framework for room-based WebSocket communication meant for games.

sockii HTTP and WebSocket aggregation thinlayer

sockjs-client-node A Node.js wrapper for the Sockjs client.

sockjs-client-ws Client library for SockJS (Websocket)

sockjs-stream A streaming API for sockjs

songlocator-api SongLocator resolvers exposed as WebSocket API

spacebrew Spacebrew implementaion for Node (

spotify-web NodeJS implementation of the Spotify Web protocol

stage Distributed testing for Node.js

steer Use steer to control your chrome (the browser)

stream-adventure an educational stream adventure

studynotes The website. AP Notes & College Essays. AP US History Notes.

sybil-interface A simple interface to interact with sybil websocket API

taas-client Things-as-a-service, client-side.

tala Self hosted commenting platform for node.

termcaster Client for termcaster server

test-agent execute client side tests from browser report back to cli

test-agent-debug execute client side tests from browser report back to cli

tez reatime row counts for mysql/postgres tables

thalassa-aqueduct Dynamic haproxy load balancer and configuration. Part of Thalassa

thalassa-crowsnest A vantage point for Thalassa

thefog Fog server implementation

thing-client A node.js module to interface with TheThingSystem steward, as a thing.

thor Thor is WebSocket benchmark utility

thor-hammer WebSocket benchmark utility with primus, support

tracing-framework Web Tracing Framework instrumentation and analysis library.

transfile trans files, support dir

transmit Simple and fast websocket abstractions for server & client

tsd-web spins up a server to receive time-series data via tcp streams and then graphs it in the browser via web-sockets

tv Interactive debug console plugin for hapi

uniweb Uniweb Server Library

vim-scissors Live editing CSS in Vim

visitor-server Counting visitors

voisus This module provides access to maintenance and oversight over the voisus client and server.

watch-js watch

webdevwatcher Automatically reload your browser as you make changes and more.

webkit-devtools-agent Webkit devtools agent that leverages remote debugging and profiling of nodejs applications using the built-in webkit inspector. Abstraction for webRTC.

websocket-benchmark Websocket Benchmark

websocket-buffering small wrapper around websocket that does message buffering and reconnects

websocket-stream websockets with the node stream api. works in browser and node Socket.IO websocket server

websockify websockify - WebSocket to TCP socket bridge/proxy

weightwatcher Super simple app for tracking & plotting software project source metrics

wesley Protocol compliant web socket server with some awesome extras.

wiki-plugin-linkmap Federated Wiki - Linkmap Plug-in

wiki-plugin-parse Federated Wiki - Parse Plug-in

wiki-plugin-twadio Federated Wiki - Twadio Plug-in

wiki-plugin-txtzyme Federated Wiki - Txtzyme Plug-in

wiki-server A Federated Wiki Server

winston-ws-transport Winston WebSocket Transport

wisebed.js wisebed.js ==========

wock WebSockets mock

wotcs-api-system Base system used to build WoTcs clans and players API

ws-multi-proxy Many to many WebSocket proxy server with pluggable routing logic. e.g. Take a bunch of existing WebSocket servers that only accept a single client connection and allow it to be used with multiple clients at once.

ws-proxy WebSocket proxy using super fast `ws` module

ws-tcp-bridge Proxy between websocket and tcp servers

ws-test ERROR: No file found!

ws-testbed A testbed for WebSocket experiments on Node.js. a simple wrap for ws to make it acts more like Socket.IO

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