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cupid An alternative of venus the feed aggregator

currencyjs A free currency converter for NodeJS - uses the European Central Bank's daily feed for accuracy

cyber-apac Amazon Product Advertising API Client for Node

damn.narwhal DeviantArt Message Network bot, soon to rule the world

dart-auth Connect middleware for Dartmouth CAS authentication

data-convert Convert between XML, JSON and YAML, from one format to another.

datex A Node library to retrieve traffic information from the Swedish Transport Administration

dav-proxy WebDav Proxy

dbus-native D-bus protocol implementation in native javascript

dbus-promised D-bus protocol implementation in native javascript, promises fork

dbusfs FUSE filesystem exposing DBus objects

deepzoomtools Node.js tool for converting images to Deep Zoom images (DZI).

douche A SOAP client based off savon.

ebay-api eBay API Client

ee-xml-to-json convert xml documents to json objects, with support for simple transformation rules

eggtart Delicious API node.js client

elasticemail Elasticemail API Module

emergency-dns-server An Emergency, Zero-Config DNS server

emote Emotive command line tool

emsfdc MMS proxy for

emsoap SOAP client.

entry UPnP library that works.

eoddata EODData client library for Node.js

epub Parse ePub electronic book files with Node.JS

epub-parser Epub parser

epub-reader Promise-based epub reader.

eveapi Eve Online API caller

everyauth Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express apps

everyauth-express3 Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express 3.x apps

everyauth-goellan Everyauth forked with working github authentication

everyauth-latest Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express apps

exchanger Query Exchange Web Services

express-jslint-reporter Express middleware to render jslint errors.

express-xml-bodyparser Simple XML body parser connect/express middleware

ExpressMVC An MVC framework that should be familiar tenough to PHP developers to allow them to get up and running very quickly."

eyefi integrate image-uploads from eye-fi cards into your application

feebs Library for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express

feedr Feedr takes in a remote feed (regardless of format type) and converts it into JSON data

fennel Fennel is a lightweight CardDAV / CalDAV server

firefox-profile firefox profile for selenium WebDriverJs, admc/wd or any other node selenium driver that supports capabilities

fixjs FIX Protocol library

flex-svg Makes SVG files of flexible width and height

flickr-conduit A subscriber endpoint for Flickr's real-time PuSH feed

fogbugz FogBugz integration module

fogbugz-tagger ERROR: No file found!

fogbugz.js FogBugz client for nodejs.

fortumo Unofficial bindings for Fortumo SMS Payment API

freshbooks-node Freshbooks Node Library

g-spreadsheet Google Spreadsheet Data API -- simple interface to read rows and cells

gchempaint2json convert gchempaint files to a JSON representation

gcs Groonga CloudSearch

generator-alopex Alopex cli tools

generator-poet A generator for a blog powered by Poet using Yeoman

generator-sinbad ## install

gideros-broom Cleaner of Gideros project to optimize files

git-azure Git-deploy multiple node.js apps to Azure Worker Role from MacOS in seconds

gitoriou.js Get gitorious information as JSON

gittio Install Titanium modules and Alloy widgets

glutenfree A profiler/loganalyzer for nginx/Cetrea Aw.

goodreads Wrapper for the Goodreads API

google-checkout A Google Checkout API implementation for node.js

google-sheets Read and modify Google Spreadsheets

google-spreadsheet Google Spreadsheet Data API -- simple interface to read and write rows and cells

googledocs Simple Google Docs interface.

googlespell A node module for the undocumented google spell API

gparser parse weird google voice api XML responses

gps-util GPS related functionalities

gpx-parse GPX parser for Node.js

gpx2js A simple package for converting GPX files to JSON

graffle-json OmniGraffle .OO3 to structured JSON converter

greenqloud-awssum NodeJS modules for talking to Greenqloud

grunt-castle requirejs client, server, and client-server unit testing

grunt-code-quality-report Grunt code quality reporter

grunt-contrib-remotecordova > Serve cordova plugin files remotely.

grunt-convert Convert between XML, JSON and YAML, from one format to another.

grunt-cordova Wrap an application package with Cordova.

grunt-iis IIS Environment Installer for grunt

grunt-resx2json Changing resx files to json

grunt-steroids Grunt tasks for AppGyver Steroids.

grunt-tizen grunt tasks for managing Tizen apps

grunt-wp2md Convert WordPress XML to static Markdown files.

grunt-xamarin-deploy This plugin will deploy files to the resources directory of your app

gsaproxy Google Search Appliance Node.js Proxy

gspell Checks the spelling of text and gives suggestions

gsproxy A proxy server for sync Git repos to SVN repo.

gst live stream vehicle locations from the nextbus API

gulp-csv2json csv to json using gulp

gulp-xml2js Convert xml files to js with gulp (

gulp-xml2json xml to json using gulp

haven Browser Package Manager

helper-node Simple helper

hexo-migrator-wordpress WordPress migrator plugin for Hexo

hilink A simple HiLink SMS Client RESTful interface for hook's, provides a RESTful web server for surfaced hooks

hooky-spreadsheets Fixed Google Spreadsheet Data API for Node.js

hostinfo Uses the hostinfo database to geocode ip addresses

hpi Super basic API client for HPI's automotive checks

hpv-tvdb Node.js Client für die Der Client liefert die (deutschen) Daten als JSON

hpv-tvdb-mngr Datenbank für hpv-tvdb und mp4-Tagger. Holt Daten von und speichert diese in einer sqlite3 db und schreibt über AtomicParsley iTunes-Tags in angegebene mp4-Videos.

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