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node-hue-api An API library for Node.js that interacts with the Philips Hue Bridge to control Philips Hue Light Bulbs and Philips Living Color Lamps.

node-jivesbs-rest REST API and Feed Wrapper for Jive SBS 4.5.

node-kayako access to the kayako helpdesk api

node-lipsum Web service for

node-mobilecommons A API wrapper for MobileCommons REST API

node-moip Módulo de Integração com o Moip / Module Integration with Moip

node-netdocs NetDocuments API interface for node.js

node-netflix Implementation of the Netflix API in Node.js

node-nicovideo niconico video api client.

node-nnapi Nokia Notifications API wrapped as nodejs module,

node-payments node-payments is a express based facade to multiple payment services.

node-prowl Node.js API for prowl, allowing to send PUSH notifications to your iPhone!

node-rdw NodeJS module to access the RDW Database, searching for Dutch license plate info

node-recurly Library for accessing the api for the Recurly recurring billing service.

node-red A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things

node-rest-client node API REST client

node-riakcs npm package for NodeJS to talk to riakCS

node-salesforce Salesforce API Connection Library for Node.js Applications

node-shipping-tracker Track your USPS/UPS packages from the command line

node-smt A wrapper for the SMT League Wide Scores XML Feed

node-sportsdata A wrapper for the SportsData API

node-wechat Node.js 微信公众平台 API

node-wechax An easy node.js package for Tencent WeChat APIs.

node-weixin nodejs weixin api

node-wolfram Extremely minimal WolframAlpha API wrapper for Node.js.

node-wsfed Lightweight ws-federation middleware using JSON Web Tokens

node-wsfederation An ws-federation implementation for node.js

node-yixin Node.js 易信公众平台 API

node-zoho Simple Zoho integrations for Node.js

node3p An Amazon MP3 downloader for NodeJS.

nodedelicious Library to access Delicious API

nodepivotal Node and PivotalTracker

nodeutil Node.js Utility

noflo-basecamp BaseCamp Classic components for the NoFlo flow-based programming environment

noflo-xml XML components for the NoFlo flow-based programming environment

noodle A simple Oodle REST API wrapper for Node.JS

notify-my-android Node.js API for NotifyMyAndroid, allowing to send notifications to your Android!

nTunes An extendable REST API for interacting with iTunes over HTTP

nzb-grabber-js Download/grab binary posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers using Node.js.

objectifier Parse any data string into a javascript object, sensing data format if it's not provided.

oexchange Module that handles OExchange host discovery

ogone-directlink Thin wrapper around the directlink http api of the ogone payment service

olin Olin College helpful libraries.

opfplatform The celebrated OPF Platform for buidling enterprise Private App Stores

opfserver Opf Server Controllers and Libs

oss Aliyun OSS node.js SDK and Command-Line Tool

oss-client aliyun oss client for node.js

osser-sample sample project

ovirt A Node.js driver for oVirt REST API

packmule Universal mail tracking for node.

pagseguro.js Integra a API de pagamentos online do Pagseguro

pantry A JSON/XML resource caching library based on Request

paperbackswap Node.js bindings for PaperbackSwap API

parser-sportsnetwork Can parse XML files from The Sports Network

passport-azure-ad WSFED/SAMLP 2.0 authentication Passport strategies for Windows Azure Active Directory

passport-goodreads Goodreads authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-netflix Netflix authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-ohloh Ohloh authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-openstreetmap OpenStreetMap authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-saml SAML 2.0 authentication strategy for Passport

passport-saml-encrypted A Passport strategy for handling encrypted SAML authentication responses

passport-saml-too SAML 2.0 authentication strategy for Passport

passport-wsfed-saml2 SAML2 Protocol and WS-Fed library

passport-wsfed-saml2-inlinexmlcrypto WS-federation with SAML 2 and 1.1 tokens for Passport (used on Microsoft products like Windows Azure Active Directory / Access Control Service and ADFS).

pastebin-js NodeJS module for Pastebin API

peer-upnp Nodejs implementation of the UPnP Device Architecture 1.1

perfsonar perfsonar client

pgb-fix-icon Fixes the Android-icon-too-small-on-XHDPI-devices bug in PhoneGap Build

phantom-sitemap Crawls a site, extracts the links and returns the promise of either a sitemap or just a list of links.

pinxport Pinboard and Delicious command-line export script

pitlab GitLab integration with PivotalTracker

pivotal API library for PivotalTracker

pkgcloud An infrastructure-as-a-service agnostic cloud library for node.js

plex-api Simple wrapper for querying against HTTP API on the Plex Media Server

pokkibuildtools Create tags, release notes, and pre-formated to Trac Wiki notes for Pokki packaged and hosted apps.

portfolio Portfolio library for Node.js

prefer Configuration management for NodeJS

prey They can run but they can't hide.

priceminister ## Introduction

proxkey Proxy/Mock server for testing build on top of HAPI.js

psn-node A library for fetching data from the Playstation Network

PSNjs A library for fetching user data from PSN

pswincom-gateway Send sms messages through PSWinCom Gateway

putt easily output text in lots of fun ways (speech, growl, email, ...)

pxpay A node module for using the Payment Express PXPay 2.0 service for payment processing

pxpost A node module for using the Payment Express PXPost service for payment processing API

recurly Recurly API handler in node

recurly-node Recurly API handler in node

recurring a recurly v2 api client for node.js

redecard Redecard (former VisaNet) for Node.js

related-reading Queries several open online medical/scientific resources and returns some agregated/organised results.

release-notes Generate release notes from Jenkins CI server

renoise Module to work with Renoise songs

requester swiss army knife for requests

restbus RESTful JSON API for the NextBus Inc. public XML feed.

restler An HTTP client library for node.js

restless REST client library for node.js (based on restler but with callbacks)

rets Node.js client for RETS.

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