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aircon Samsung aircon dms2

ap3 Atlassian Plugins 3 library for Express

auth-net-request requests for Node.JS

authnet Node API

backendjs Backend.js framework

banking The missing Bank API for getting you statement data

bgg API client

bigbluebutton Integration between BigBlueButton and Node.js Applications

bip-pod-flow Pipeline Flow Pod for Bipio

bip-pod-zoho Zoho Pod for Bipio

boxeen Boxee API wrapper


buff Buff your node repl or runtime with the best libraries and utilities.

cas-sfu CAS client for Simon Fraser University's CAS implementation

clicktime A wrapper for the ClickTime SOAP API

compliment Tell us how awesome we are.

consulta_dados Pacote node para pesquisa de CPF/CNPJ utilizando a pesquisa do webservice fonte de dados

dial DIAL (DIscovery And Launch) protocol module

dynamicscrm-api Pure SOAP module that allows to invoke Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online services

fanyi A translate tool in your command line

freshbooks-js Freshbooks for NodeJS ES Harmoney

fy A translate tool in your command line

greenwave-gop node.js module to interface with the GOP service from Greenwave Reality

hes-score Home Energy Saver API ===================

http-resource An HTTP resource factory for NodeJS

hubot-airbrake Hubot Airbrake script

hubot-weather-ja hubot scripts weather information from

hulu-node A wrapper to query the hulu search API

jmri-client node client to connect to a JMRI xmlio webservice

json-apac Amazon Product Advertising API Client for Node

katina Quick and dirty module to scrape app reviews from the App Store

metainfo Get meta information from different APIs.

metaweblog MetaWeblog API on Nodejs

mollie-reseller Client for the mollie reseller API

myprowl Prowl API Library for node

namecheap Node.js library for the NameCheap API

nervous_plugin_solr a simple solr stats plugin for Nervous

node-greenwave-gop node.js module to interface with the GOP service from Greenwave Reality

node-iam Simple wrapper for using Amazon IAM API

node-ocr wrapper for abbyy finereader cloud api (now in beta).

node-salesforce-mjibson Salesforce API Connection Library for Node.js Applications with Bulk Query support

node-sofa 基于 nodejs 的 sofa 框架

node-yj NodeJS wrapper for the Yahoo! JAPAN API

nodecast Node interface to DIAL/RAMP/ChromeCast

nodepie RSS/Atom parser for Node.JS

nomniture Omniture API module

noodlejs noodle is a proxy server which serves for cross domain data extraction from web documents for any client.

ns-api Unofficial module for Nederlandse Spoorwegen API

office Parse office documents (doc, docx, xls, etc..)

ofx Parse OFX files into a usable data structure.

open311 A Node.js module for interacting with an Open311 API.

ots Aliyun OTS(Open Table Service) nodejs SDK.

owlintuition node.js library for the OWL Intuition range of energy monitoring and control systems

passport-freshbooks Freshbooks authentication strategy for Passport.

pivotal-tracker Pivotal api module

purrency polls currency ECB's XML API and parses it to use with money.js. This provides an HTTP interface to Unless you are programmatically calling, console is the only interface you care. This is the core engine.

rapid_express Rapid Wrapper for express

require-xml require('require-xml') lets you load XML files using require syntax. For example: var config = require('./config.xml');

s2c_server Read status from a shoutcast2 server.

samurai Samurai payment gateway API client module for Node.js

sea A translate tool in your command line

shipping-ups UPS API bindings for Node.JS

sky-plus-hd Node.js module for controlling and monitoring Sky+ HD set top boxes

spotify-downloader A proof-of-concept that transforms a Spotify playlist to a direct-download list

spreedly-node A spreedly client library for Node.js

spreedly-node-new A spreedly client library for Node.js

ssrs Wrapper around Sql Server reporting service

subhub simple pubsubhubbub client

thegamesdb-api A simple wrapper for thegamesdb's API!

thetvdb-api Node.js library for accessing thetvdb API

ti-debug Server-side components for WebKit Remote Debugging

vidinfo Get video information from different APIs.

wadl2json Convert WADL strings, objects and files to JSON.

webmaker-download-locales Download translation files from S3 bucket

wsdl-service The service can generate WSDL file and organize on the basis of his service SOAP

wsdl2.js Consumes a WSDL file and produces a high quality, manageable Javascript library

xls convert xls to json

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